As COVID Restrictions Drop, Now is the Time to Score Free Plexi

As we all know, Plexiglas a/k/a acrylic sheets are expensive. Well, if you can live with some scuffs and scrapes, the market (or possibly landfill) is about to be awash in them. This week grocery chain Publix announced they’re taking down their COVID cashier and pharmacy shields in Florida, where they have some 1,300 stores. That adds up to a lot of plastic sheets.

Image source: Marc Jones

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Admittedly this is in Florida, a state not known for COVID restrictions, so those in other states may have to wait longer before their local groceries start ditching the shields. But now might be a good time to ring up your local supermarket manager and see if you can’t make their life a little easier by unburdening them of all that plastic they may be planning to ditch.

I know what you’re thinking: Acrylic is recyclable, so won’t supermarket chains just recycle them? Depends. Acrylic isn’t easy to recycle–it requires special equipment—so it will depend on what your local municipality offers. If it’s a hassle or added expense for the supermarket to dispose of them cleanly, I’m guessing local managers would be happy to have the problem solved for them.

Either way, it’s worth the phone call if you’re looking for a score.

Source: core77

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