Astronaut Reports That People Fart a Lot in Space

Tim Peake (left), a British astronaut who stayed on board the International Space Station in 2016, isn’t pointing fingers at anyone in particular. Nor is he inviting anyone to pull his finger. He’s just pointing out that the human digestive tract works differently in microgravity.

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The tabloid Daily Star reports that Major Peake was asked what it was like to burp with a space helmet on. He explained that people don’t burp in space because burping–the rising of gas in the the digestive tract–doesn’t happen in microgravity. The air doesn’t go up. It exits the body the other way.

As a result, Peake explains, the space station is a stinky place. It smells “like a barbecue that’s gone wrong. Burnt meat, scorched, metallic smell.”

In space, no one can hear you scream. But they can smell you.

-via Dave Barry | Photo: NASA Johnson

Source: neatorama

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