At the "Manuscript Writing Cafe", Customers Aren't Allowed to Leave Until They Finish Writing

The Manuscript Writing Cafe is a unique shop in Tokyo set aside exclusively for writers facing deadlines.

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When they enter, customers report a writing goal to the manager. Specifically, they have to state a number of words that must be completed. There’s a consequence for failing to finish the goal: they don’t get to leave.

After paying an entrance fee, the writers can order coffee with unlimited refills. The cafe has WiFi and each writing station has a USB charger and a PC cooling stand.

About every hour, the manager stops by each writer and asks if they’re making progress. The customer chooses whether the manager asks that question in a “mild”, “normal”, or “hard” manner.

“Hard” is, presumably, a vigorous application of the query.

-via Super Punch | Photo: Manuscript Writing Cafe

Source: neatorama

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