Attractive EDC Objects Designed in a Garage

I’m no EDC enthusiast, but I’m struck by how stunningly handsome these objects are:

Sagax Prybar

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Magpie Prybar/Bottle Opener/Key Dangler

Zutano Prybar

Solo Divot Tool

Ghost Prybar

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DanglePry Prybar/Bottle Opener/Key Dangler

Created by Pennsylvania-based artisan Z. Keller, the titanium objects are designed in-house, laser-cut by a service in Nevada, then shipped back to Keller who deburrs, heat treats, surfaces and anodizes each object. They’re sold through Keller’s Etsy shop, Titan Talon Tool Co.

While I don’t have any need for objects like this, I can see why those who do are drawn to Keller’s offerings. Keller’s moved over 600 units, has rave reviews and a solid five-star rating. Writes Keller:

“I love knowing that gear I hand finish in my garage is in the pockets and pouches of hundreds of total strangers. I rest well knowing I have done my level best to make each piece as indestructible as possible.

“My great great grandfather was a blacksmith in the old west. It always fascinated me that we still have pieces he made; not as museum exhibits, but tools to do work in the mud. I get a deep joy thinking that some of the gear I make can literally be family heirlooms with generations of useful working life.”

Keller also shouts out the aforementioned lasercutting service:

Send Cut Send allows me the capability to use equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to do small batch runs. I have yet to find another laser cutting vendor with such a reasonable approach to small batch pricing.”


Source: core77

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