Augmented Reality for Dogs

Augmented reality (AR) systems overlay the world around the viewer with information displayed through a digital interface. Humans have used it for years. Although your dog won’t be able to play Pokémon Go yet, researchers are developing ways that military dogs may be able to use AR headsets effectively. The US Army informs us:

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In 2017, Dr. A.J. Peper started Command Sight, a small business based in Seattle, to bridge human and animal communication. Through conversations with current and former military operators he identified a need to increase the efficacy of communication between canine and handler. As a result, Command Sight built the first prototype of augmented reality glasses for military working dogs. […]

The augmented reality goggles are specially designed to fit each dog with a visual indictor that allows the dog to be directed to a specific spot and react to the visual cue in the goggles. The handler can see everything the dog sees to provide it commands through the glasses.

-via Dave Barry | Photo: US Army

Source: neatorama

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