Auguste Piccard: The Man Who Flew To The Stratosphere

Auguste Antoine Piccard was a Swiss physicist, inventor and explorer, who became the inspiration behind one of Tintin’s most lovable characters—Professor Cuthbert Calculus. The eccentric, hard-of-hearing professor made his first appearance in Red Rackham's Treasure, where Professor Calculus demonstrates a new kind of diving machine for underwater exploration, which too was inspired by one of Piccard’s invention. Using Calculus’s submarine Tintin locates the wreck of the sunken 17th century vessel, the Unicorn, and recovers various artefacts including old documents that reveal that Marlinspike Hall is the ancestral home of Captain Haddock.

Auguste Piccard and Professor Calculus

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Auguste Piccard and Professor Calculus from “the Adventures of Tintin.”


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