Aunt Tells 9-Year-Old She Deserves To Be Scratched For The Way She Treated Her Pet

Pets are not toys, and owners know it. However, someone who’s never had one before might need a reminder that the critters are living things with limits to their patience as well.

Redditor u/shenanigansarefun told the AITA community about the time her cat’s patience ran out. Her nine-year-old niece repeatedly bothered the critter and handled it inappropriately, until it scratched her. The incident left the girl crying and the OP being called a jerk, even though she told the child to be gentle with the cat. Scroll down to find the full story.

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Bored Panda has reached out to the OP and she was kind enough to answer a few of our questions. You will find her thoughts in the text below.

Cats are living creatures that might use their claws if you handle them inappropriately

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This woman told her niece to be gentle with her cat but the child did not listen

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Knowing how to read a cat’s body language can help the owner understand what the critter is feeling

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“A lot of people don’t treat animals as family. We do,” the OP told Bored Panda. “I’ve been a lifelong cat owner and even had a cat live till the age of 22.” She emphasized that when it comes to felines, it’s important to respect the animal and recognize that body language and vocalizations have meaning.

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Pets WebMD pointed out that cats are very expressive with their body language, when you know how to read it. For example, when they’re happy and relaxed, their ears stay in a natural posture and the tail is laid flat. If the critters are lying showing their belly, that means they feel safe. When felines are scared or worried, they might flick their ears and arch their back. They also tend to raise their tail (or curl it around their body) and might have bristled fur and dilated pupils.

The redditor said that there have been no further problems with the girl and the cat. “My niece has learned that animals are like humans and feel emotions such as anger and pain,” she pointed out.

“She no longer picks the cat up when she feels like and lets him come to her. He picks who he snuggles with in the house and we no longer have any unfortunate cat scratches. My biggest worry was her safety and also that the cat would sustain an injury squirming out of her arms. I know cats are quite agile and quick on their feet, but I always worry that an animal will be harmed even accidentally if he landed wrong squirming.”

A pet is a lifelong commitment, which is why the OP was disgusted some people would simply get rid of theirs

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The OP told Bored Panda that the cat in the story is alive and well. She also shared how another critter became part of their family after being abandoned. “I once found a shivering wet cat at my former job hiding by the dumpster. He tried going into the building. He was very sweet, loving, and friendly. I called my mom and I had her scoop him up and I took him to the vet after work. He had no chip. I also reached out to online forums and no one claimed him. He was matted, not neutered, had sores in his mouth and an upper respiratory infection. The vet put him on antibiotics.”

“I decided to keep him. We had him quarantined safe and warm in the bathroom away from other animals for the recommended period and tested for diseases. I also got his vaccinations. Turns out, he had feline aids,” she added.

“I kept him for the rest of his life and he was a wonderful addition to our family. The vet said he was probably a house cat that got abandoned due to his having feline aids. He was soaked, starving because of his mouth ulcers. If he wasn’t rescued, the vet said he would probably have died within days. I brushed out his mats and with proper antibiotics and food, he put on two pounds in two weeks.”

“It makes me disgusted and angry that people can just dump animals especially when a pet is a lifetime commitment. They could have found the cat a new home with someone who could deal with his medical issues instead of dumping him off for dead,” the OP said.

Forbes pointed out that 66% of households in the US—totaling to nearly 87 million of them—own a pet, 46.5 million of which have a cat. Preceded only by a dog, it’s the second most popular pet in the country.

The redditors thought the OP wasn’t a jerk in the situation

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