Australian Engineer Invents Brilliant Automotive Pulling Tool

A lot of mechanical things are created by tightly fitting one part onto another. This works well, but when things go wrong with a car, mechanics have to remove a lot of these parts: Power steering pulleys, harmonic balancers, Pitman arms. In many instances these parts have never been separated and are reluctant to divorce; resourceful mechanics must therefore painstakingly devise and construct their own one-off tools to finish the job.

Australian engineer Peter Milekovic’s job is to make mechanics’ jobs easier. To do this he devised a clever engine stand that allows access from any position. When used in conjunction with Milekovic’s game-changing Mechanics Mate universal pulling tool, jobs that took hours or days can now be done in seconds:

As one commenter on the video wrote, “Anytime someone sees a problem and uses their skills to solve it is excellent. This, however, isn’t just solving the problem, it looks to make the problem desirable. If I bought this I would be excited every time I had to use it. “

You can see more demonstrations of the Mechanics Mate in practical use on his YouTube channel. Also note that he takes the time to answer commenters’ questions; if there’s something about the tool, the set-ups or potential unseen applications that you’re wondering, chances are you’ll find the answer if you scroll down.

Source: core77

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