Australian Mass Transit Features Surfboard Racks

I was impressed by the interior design of certain railcars I saw in Europe and Scandinavia, which featured storage methods for bikes. On Australia’s Gold Coast, local officials have extended this concept for those riding waves rather than cycles:

“This tram in Australia has a place to hold your surfboard while travelling to/from the beach.” (Image/caption by MayDayB)

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“These FLEXITY 2 trams are the only trams in the world to have surfboard racks,” Queensland Deputy Premier and Minister for Transport Jackie Trad said during their debut a few years ago.

While having surfboard holders on mass transit might sound silly to non-surfers, consider that the only other practical way to transport something as long as a surfboard is by car or bus. The racks are a noble effort to reduce the overall amount of vehicles on the road.

Source: core77

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