Auto Design Mash-Ups: A Dodge-Chevy, Nissan-Porsche, BMW-Lamborghini & More

Here’s another “What if” from fanciful rendering firm NeoMam Studios, who this time asks: What if competing car brands came together to create a mash-up vehicle that incorporated both brands’ styling cues? Here’s their take on 6 Car Manufacturers’ Collaboration Concepts:

1. Bentley – Ferrari

“British class and Italian passion combined would undoubtedly produce one of the coolest and most truly beautiful cars of all time. The double-breasted face of Bentley’s grand tourer, the Continental GT, would temper the impulsive stallion of Ferrari’s 812 Superfast, while maintaining the track-driven engineering and aerodynamics that makes Ferrari’s road cars handle like a dream at top speeds. Of course, with Bentley being involved, the interior would have to be decked out like the 1st Class drawing room on the Titanic (pre-sinking), which is hardly a bad thing.”

2. BMW – Lamborghini

“With a BMW – Lamborghini mix one would probably expect to take more of the edgier features from the latter, like the Aventador’s rear wheel cooling ducts, the air scoop inlaid into the bonnet and the characteristic chiselled jaw-line. Not that BMW wouldn’t bring plenty to the party though, with their classic “kidney” grille being a welcome addition and we have no doubt that, with the Bavarian firm’s eye for precision engineering, the drive would be smoother than a fine, aged single malt.”

3. Dodge – Chevrolet

“The engine roar from these two major American powerhouses joining forces would make roads shake and lesser cars go weak at the struts. Ostensibly a cross between a Viper and a Corvette, we’d have to presume that the engine of choice would be the former’s 8.4L V10, though it would be housed behind Chevy’s bonnet and grille design, making this new beast the true face of snarling American muscle cars.”

4. Volkswagen – Ford

“Back in June 2018, Volkswagen and Ford announced that they are working towards building a strategic alliance which could see them co-produce vehicles together. Latest reports confirm that the collaboration will be centered on light commercial vehicles. But what if they decided to collaborate on a VW + Ford compact car? That got us thinking about crossing two compact classics, the Golf and the Fiesta. We’d take the more rounded, hatchback rear of the Fiesta, though we’d stick to the Golf’s sportier roots by throwing in a rear spoiler.”

5. Nissan – Porsche

“This engineering partnership would have the whole world licking its lips in hungry anticipation. While Nissan has its own experience of creating sporty cars through the Skyline and the Porsche-esque 350Z, Porsche itself has undoubtedly been a true master of the field for decades. Expect to see plenty of those iconic Carrera curves though with a more substantial body. The only other major question is, with Nissan being the largest EV maker in the world, would this be the first Porsche Electric?”

6. Smart – Range Rover

“Smart cars are perfect for nipping around, and finding parking in, congested cities but we all know their major downside, they look about as sturdy as a lawn chair made of matchsticks. Well the best way to solve that major image crisis would be to partner up with a marque whose very name has become a by-word for rugged, off-road indestructibility. The linkup would see the little two-seater get a full makeover, with that large Range grille, imposing face and tyres that could actually allow it to mount a kerb.”

Source: core77

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