BABY, the strength of fragility

The strength of fragility, the dichotomy of being a woman.

This is how BABY was born from Maria Martini and Cynara partnership; a “female” project, delicate but not weak, brave but not aggressive.

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The tulle, apparently fragile and ethereal, was chosen precisely to depict an invisible and gentle armor. The collection tells a story made of bonds, of paths that are interrupted but then start again, of bodily and emotional experiences that unite.

Maria Martini’s illustrations are a look at female experiences, lived from different perspectives: labor and birth, the moment of waiting and resistance, the ability to stop, with care and without self-condemnation.

For this reason, all the embroideries, like the illustrations, are crossed by a red thread, the protagonist of the collection and symbol of the bond that unites, even at a distance, a woman to another.

The dresses are entirely handmade in limited edition, like all Cynara’s garments.

Stilist: Cynara @cynara_sartoria

Illustration: Maria Martini @mar_ameo

Photo: Camilla Ferrero

MUA: Sara Zampirollo @makecoloursup

Model: Sofia Ling @sofiajjling

Source: feeldesain

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