“Bad MUAs”: 125 Times People Left Beauty Salons Looking Worse Than Before They Came In (New Pics)

From the soot-rimmed eyes of the ancient Egyptians to the lead paint worn by the Elizabethans, people have long been experimenting with cosmetics. Sometimes, however, with disappointing results. And the subreddit ‘Bad MakeUp Artists’ is probably the best place to explore these failures.

Created in 2017, this online community currently has 568K members constantly sharing pictures of both everyday people and celebrities, appearing in front of others with far-too-obvious fake lashes, overly defined brows, and ridiculous foundation color tones.

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We’ve already covered the subreddit before here and here, but it has had so many new additions since our last publication that we thought there’s plenty of content for an update. Continue scrolling to check it out!

#1 Oh Dear

Image credits: dhomudita

#2 Her Chest!!!

Image credits: suzyvogue

#3 Caption Said: A Soft Smokey Look

Image credits: Ellamakeup

#4 Steve Carrell And Will Ferrell Presenting The Award For Best Makeup At The Oscars

Image credits: sammeb123

#5 Tiktok Ad For Eyebrow Stencil

Image credits: Boothanew

#6 Clockwork Orange Full Glam

Image credits: Vegetable_Burrito

#7 UK Mua Combining Block Brows And Feathered Brows

Image credits: geezelouise73

#8 The Entire Mua’s Page Was Full Of This Style Of Makeup I Can’t Wait For This To Not Be Trendy Anymore

Image credits: oliverpeets

#9 This Shade Match Hurts

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: i_am_awkward_lol

#10 This Has Been All Over My Social Media Feeds Lately. The Artist Has A Booking Site And Charges $85

Image credits: Fancy_Dare4930

#11 Those Eyelashes Are Not Even Close To Being In The Right Place

Image credits: hollyy98

#12 They Did Her Sooo Dirty

Image credits: AMDM0

#13 Found On An Fb Ad

Image credits: Longjumping_Act_8122

#14 Even The Client Doesn’t Look Happy With This ‘Glam’

Image credits: marshmallowqueen_

#15 Didn’t Even Recognize Ariana In Her Newest Look. Am I The Only One Who Feels Like She’s Gone From Blackfishing To Asianfishing?

Image credits: UnusualCockroach69

#16 Her Skin Is So Beautiful

Image credits: mmonzeob

#17 All Of The Makeup Artist’s Looks Are Like This! Their Clients Look Scary

Image credits: yuurixo

#18 From A Mua On Insta I’m No Expert But What Do We Think ?

Image credits: kittiqfaberge

#19 Ugh… She Had A Team Of Reputable Muas, Posted On Ig By A Famous Magazine. Those People Are Payed Thousands For This!

Image credits: thepopulargirl

#20 That Shade Would Even Be Too Dark For Me And I’m Not Even White

Image credits: who_nobody

#21 “Cool New Way To Do Blush”

Image credits: medelsnusk

#22 Straight Into The Hairline

Image credits: reddit.com

#23 Umm This Appeared On My Instagram

Image credits: Leading_Confidence64

#24 It Just Feels Crusty To Me

Image credits: AMDM0

#25 This Makeup Company On Instagram. Why?

Image credits: nvena

#26 They Charge $350 Wtf

Image credits: daddynygma

#27 Good Ol’ Facebook Marketplace

Image credits: beaverhausen_a

#28 Local B R I T I S H Artist. That Hairline And The Same Shade Of Brown For Every. Single. Client

Image credits: EmKnoxx

#29 It Gets Worse, But The Mua Does Admit To Being Inspired By Drag Makeup

Image credits: ScarJones

#30 I Am Genuinely Appalled

Image credits: CarmeIa

#31 Well

Image credits: Ellamakeup

#32 Criminal Minds “Tan”

Image credits: plointers

#33 She Looks So Sad

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 Her Eyes Look Tired From All The Heavy Lifting

Image credits: sosofte

#35 The Mua Charges £60 For A Shade Match Like That

Image credits: AshyTheVillain

#36 Danish Influencer, Supposed Beautybo$s

Image credits: eileen_libertine

#37 I Am Looking For A Wedding Mua And Can’t Seem To Find One I Like In My Area. Am I Being Overcritical Or Are These Fine?

Image credits: Leja06

#38 I Love Nikkie So Much, But I Can’t Stop Focusing On Her Hands In Her Latest Video!

Image credits: heartsinthebyline

#39 The Tone Match Here Is Awful

Image credits: FLAIRwasTAKEN

#40 So. Much. Foundation

Image credits: pancakeslut420

#41 This Was Posted By A Big Makeup Brand. Why Is Her Forehead Tan And The Rest Of Her Face Pale?

Image credits: Mildlybrilliant

#42 UK Based. Doesn’t Look Finished. Lots Of Application With A Beauty Blender But No Actual Blending

Image credits: classicspoonbill

#43 Talk About Suffocating Those Poor Pores… My Skin Is Screaming

Image credits: wretched_and_divine

#44 When You Have Your Own Makeup Brand And Still Can’t Do Eyebrows

Image credits: erivalh

#45 She Used 6 Pumps Of Foundation To Create This Look

Image credits: ahg220

#46 Her Skin Color Completely Changed

Image credits: Chaotickarmaa

#47 Saw On Span And Checked Out Her Insta; Her New Stuff Is Fine But These Eyebrows Are Killing Me

Image credits: EpicBanana05

#48 A Mua With Almost 1m Followers

Image credits: Relevant-Ad-6476

#49 Did Her Blush Explode

Image credits: OutrageousPraline125

#50 From Normal To Drag

Image credits: TemporaryPollution10

#51 Found On Instagram

Image credits: Ewwwyoustink

#52 Found On Facebook, Poor Girl Was Done Dirty

Image credits: duo0081

#53 Watching Hoarders And Noticed The Color Match Of The Doctor’s Foundation Was Off

Image credits: techhausinc

#54 From The Official Abh Instagram. Those Overlined Lips

Image credits: kyanitetiger

#55 Another Danish Beauty Influencer In Love With The Fake Freckles

Image credits: slightycuriousnow

#56 She Charges For This

Image credits: swedishy

#57 Her Looks Are Always The Same, Its So Sad

Image credits: k0cksuck3r69

#58 Found On A Shopping App. They Did This Model So Dirty

Image credits: garymimpy

#59 Found On A Local Mua And Beautician Page. The Look Was Called “Sunset Eye And Soap Brow”

Image credits: helibear90

#60 From A “Certified” Mua

Image credits: Gigglesthemonster

#61 Sometimes When It Could Almost Be Good, It’s Even Worse. The Brows, The Nose Contour, The Lips

Image credits: withsuspiciousminds

#62 Oh, Oh No

Image credits: cmag01

#63 On A “Professional” Make Up Artist’s Insta Reel

Image credits: Slimey_tomatoNZ

#64 Every Part Of Her Face Is A Different Shade Of Orange

Image credits: BigWordsAreScary

#65 This Person Took “Fake It Til You Make It” Far Enough To Be The Mua Of A Netflix Show With This Skill Level Lol

Image credits: a1200313

#66 Apparently This Is A “Modern Geisha”.. No Words

Image credits: grand_theft_gnome

#67 This Mua’s Work Has Been Posted On Here A Couple Times, This Is How She Does Makeup On Herself…. She’s A White Woman

Image credits: sadbokkie

#68 Lil Kim’s Mua Back In 2001…things May Have Been Different In Shade Range Back Then But Dang

Image credits: reddit.com

#69 At First Glance I Thought It Was Drag Makeup, Which Would Make Sense For The Excessiveness, These Are Formal Event Looks

Image credits: ScarJones

#70 A Self Proclaimed Mua

Image credits: pancakesxo44

#71 Imagine You’re About To Get Married In A Few Months And This Was Your Wedding Trial Makeup

Image credits: dollworldtm

#72 They Did Her Dirty

Image credits: ancaaremere

#73 No Words. This Is Before Powder As Well

Image credits: synergy3121

#74 Definitely Not Her Shade/Undertone

Image credits: KDay5161

#75 Raises Eyebrows

Image credits: SpookyKitter

#76 Come On With Those Overdrawn Lips On The Left, This Is An Official Brand Promo Picture

Image credits: michelem387

#77 The Eyes Are A Total Artwork. But The Lips

Image credits: Ellamakeup

#78 Til That Makeup Can Be Too Dewy And Glowy

Image credits: Gigglesthemonster

#79 No Shade, But Yeah He’s From The UK

Image credits: ShreddedWheatBall

#80 Wow. That Color Match

Image credits: ehrlc

#81 UK Mua Of Course. Gorgeous Eye Makeup Though

Image credits: VeryOpinionatedFem

#82 Ummm I’m Sure That Shade Matches Someone But It Sure Isn’t Her

Image credits: the_bookish_girl84

#83 I Just Can’t

Image credits: Ellamakeup

#84 Eyeshadows Are So Uneven

Image credits: mmonzeob

#85 Girl Look How Orange You Fucking Look

Image credits: plvmeria

#86 She Charged For Mess

Image credits: CoordinatorFightClub

#87 The Whole Page Is A Mess

Image credits: njaesor

#88 The Lips

Image credits: honeybee1995x

#89 The Eye Makeup Is Impressive But The Lips Are So Distracting… And It’s From A Makeup Academy

Image credits: ocyane

#90 No Words

Image credits: Designer-Peace2904

#91 Something Feels Off

Image credits: anapeepo

#92 Caption Said – “All Skin Tones Are Beautiful”. Yet The Foundation Is Like 3 Shades Lighter

Image credits: Anindianfangirl

#93 The Whole Beef Package

Image credits: Electric_Cabel

#94 Holy Hairline! Whoever Did Her Makeup For This 20/20 Episode Did Her Dirty

Image credits: sunshineandhomicide

#95 Something About This Just Feels Off To Me?

Image credits: oliverpeets

#96 Subtle And Elegant

Image credits: HappyOstiepok

#97 Lip Creases

Image credits: TrufflesTheCat

#98 Orangy Brown Foreheads And Cheeks

Image credits: flailingfruitfly

#99 I Wanna Wash My Face All Of A Sudden

Image credits: catgirlzsupremacy

#100 Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire

Image credits: princesapenelope

#101 This Tik Tok Live

Image credits: schittsta1nz

#102 This Guy’s Makeup On Temptation Island In Romania

Image credits: SouGeMyo

#103 Holy… Way Too Much Foundation That Definitely Isnt Her Color!!!

Image credits: SecWoe

#104 You’re Glowing, Girl

Image credits: dinglydick

#105 I Really Despise These Type Of Lips

Image credits: pinkmatty

#106 Oh Boy

Image credits: howdoesredditworklol

#107 I Joined This Group And Now I See It Everywhere!

Image credits: Init4damo-nay81

#108 When Will This Trend Of Using Yellow Foundation Be Over

Image credits: extravirginslut

#109 Not Sure Where To Begin

Image credits: boxertrainer

#110 Finally Found One Out In The Wild!

Image credits: SavvyGmeow

#111 Can We Talk About The Lips?

Image credits: potofhotcoffee

#112 The Shade Match….yikes

Image credits: Suitable-Ad8996

#113 This Show Always Does Em Dirty!

Image credits: crazy-underwear

#114 At The Met Galahhhh What

Image credits: thakrustykrabpizza

#115 The Forehead Contour

Image credits: Nymeriia_

#116 I Just Can’t With This. It Looks Like A Big Bruise

Image credits: Kat_SD96

#117 At Least The Eye Blending Is Nice

Image credits: sunreccspls

#118 And That’s A Bride

Image credits: Drikkaa

#119 Got This Ad On Instagram And I Ran Here

Image credits: rrikasuave

#120 From A TV Show I Was Watching. The Caption Is Just An Amusing Coincidence

Image credits: Shhhdonttell15

#121 I Think This May Belong Here. They’re Extremely Talented, But That Color Match Is… Not So Great

Image credits: ariesalisally

#122 It’s The Nose Contour For Me

Image credits: ariesalisally

#123 I Swear I Could Create A Full Subreddit Just For This Particular Mua. This Colour Match Ain’t It

Image credits: notable_tart

#124 Why Is Everyone Yellow

Image credits: Specialist_Egg_7480

#125 This Colour Match.. Good Lordt

Image credits: discodisco2323

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