Bank Cat had a Hot Time

Let’s turn back time, back to an era in which people used paper money for almost everything, offices and businesses had their own cats, and New York had several newspapers to fill twice every day. November 14, 1900, dawned as an ordinary day, until a scrawny stray cat wandered into the Louis Scharlach & Co. bank in order to take a warm nap. The bank already had a cat, a large cat named Isaac, who didn’t appreciate an interloper in his territory.

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Everything was peaceful until Isaac, described as “the well-fed office cat,” sensed the presence of the would-be cat burglar and started sniffing him out. It wasn’t long before Isaac found the intruder under the safe and began lashing out with his claws. According to The Sun, “Both animals were abusing each other in the worst language cats can command, and the fur on Isaac’s back was standing straight up.”

Bank clerk Max Lubiner made an amateur mistake by thinking he could also reach under the safe and grab the unwanted guest. When the cat sank his claws into Max’s hand, the clerk howled out in agony.

Several other clerks were able to coax out the cat using sticks, but that only made matters worse. Once the two felines were free from the metal safe, “there was the wildest kind of a time in the bank.” The cats went full at it, jumping on desks and scattering piles of paper money and coins that the clerks had been counting for customers.

But that was just the beginning of the mayhem. Bank customers thought there was a robbery in progress. People gathered outside just in case some cash flew out the windows. And the cops wanted to know what was going on. Read the story of the cat burglar and the feline bank guard whose fight made the papers at The Hatching Cat. -via Strange Company

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