Barbershop Offers "Silent Mode" in Which the Barber Doesn't Try to Talk to You

Some people really enjoy conversations with their barbers. The rest of us would like to just get a haircut and move on to the next task of the day.

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A chatty barber who doesn’t pick up on social cues is annoying and Beyond the Pale Barbershop in San Francisco doesn’t want to annoy its customers. The San Francisco Standard reports that this shop lets customers select “silent mode” from the beginning. The barber then knows not to even try to chat with the customer.

It’s quite a shop. Owner Anthony Larrasquiti has designed his operation to be not just a business, but an experience for customers. You have a variety of haircut options, which might end up free. If you can hit a bullseye on the dartboard, your haircut is free and you get a beer.

It’s popular: Larrasquiti says that he has about 350 regular customers who schedule appointments with him. That’s especially impressive since Beyond the Pale has been open since only February.

-via Dave Barry | Photo: Beyond the Pale Barbershop

Source: neatorama

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