Barq Electric Scooter Aims to Silently Dash Between Deliveries

Barq Electric Scooter Aims to Silently Dash Between Deliveries

Designed by design and engineering firm CALLUM, the Barq Rena Max electric scooter is a boxy modernist design that’s “simple and functional.” The two-wheeled electric powered scooter is designed specifically to improve delivery services with features specific to the demands of the task, with tubeless tires designed to minimize punctures, and a lightweight bike architecture maximizing range and improving navigation through tight quarters.

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Those with a long memory about mobility might remember a similar scooter design with boxed in dimensions in the cult-classic Honda Motocompo (a design that can only be truly appreciated after watching its early 80s-era commercial).

While the Barq’s Rena Max is designed to improve a rider’s day-to-day deliveries, it’s also engineered to be a capable ride, with a top speed of 60mph/97kph powered by its 9KW electric motor. There’s also a reverse gear, multiple riding modes, and an integrated 8-inch touch screen. A swappable battery with a range of up to 150km per charge from a 5.6Kwh lithium unit means delivery riders can switch out and charge back up without waiting.

Abdallah Abu Sheikh, the CEO & Founder of Barq, doesn’t mince words about his aspirations for the electric scooter:

The result is astonishing – it’s the Tesla of the scooter world…we want to make the first moves with purpose-built vehicles for the middle east and Africa and we have put together the best minds to do it.

Customized storage sections are outfitted with temperature control to keep foods warm upon delivery; the insulated top box includes a food safe lining, configurable shelving, and integrated thermometer. The electronically controlled locking system logs and tracks all box open and closing for additional security.

Barq plans to roll into production in late 2022, with a goal of manufacturing 50,000 scooters to serve the world’s largest commercial motorcycle markets of UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt by 2025.

Source: design-milk

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