Batman: The Silent Motion Picture

Filmmaker Ben Crew re-edited TimBurton’s 1989 Batman into a silent film! He refers to it as a “creative exercise,” but he’s also sharing it with the rest of us. The movie is shown in monochrome, although the single color changes with the scenes. Any necessary dialogue is shown in intertitle cards. That just illustrates how few lines are really needed, because we all know the story so well. It also highlights Burton’s visual storytelling skills.   

Although this is a “silent film,” because no actors talk, it is not at all silent. This version has plenty of music, both from the Batman soundtrack and vintage songs slipped into some surprising but appropriate places.

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You can see the Batman: The Silent Motion Picture in its two-hour entirety at at Archive, or select your favorite scenes in a collection of 60 clips at the movie’s Twitter account. -via Metafilter

Source: neatorama

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