Bavis and Butt-Head as Old Guys

📺 Mike Judge tweeted a teaser about an upcoming Beavis and Butt-Head movie on the streaming service Paramount+. The thing is, they’re now middle-aged men with balding heads, bad teeth and pot bellies. But some things don’t change: surely they’ll still be wearing old heavy metal T-shirts like all the middle-aged men I know.

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😻 When Milo the dog gave birth prematurely to a litter of puppies that didn’t survive, she was so heartbroken … until she got to adopt some rescue kittens.

🏠 What is old is now cool again. Straight outta a sixties house: Linoleum is making a comeback.

🎵 From country to rock to rap, here’s the funniest butt song remix we can all get behind. No and if or but(ts) about it. Punny enough for ya? Ba-dum-bum.

🍜 How do you clean a spilled ramen? Why, with a Cup Noodle ramen-shaped mop, of course.

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Featured art: Rescued is My Favorite Breed by indie artist edsonramos.

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Source: neatorama

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