BBQ Of The Wild – With The Taste Adventurers Adore!

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BBQ Of The Wild by Kempo24

Link never learned how to fling a proper spell, and despite his best efforts he was never much of a builder, but there is one thing Link has excelled at since he was but a wee lad- barbecuing critters. His cucco roasts used to be one of the biggest events in the village, drawing people from all over Hyrule with that wonderful aroma and giving Link a rep as a legendary barbecuer well before he became a hero. But these days it’s always BBQ for 1, because an adventurer’s life is a lonely one, and yet as long as there is breath in his lungs to help start the fire and a critter that tastes good roasted over an open flame Link will continue to prove he’s a grillmaster and a culinary hero!

If you’re a gamer who has great taste then you’re gonna love this BBQ Of The Wild t-shirt by Kempo24, it’s the fun way to show the world that you devour every Zelda game that comes out!

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