‘Be Amazed’: This Online Community Celebrates Amazing Things, People And Events, Here Are 117 Of Their Best Posts (New Pics)

With so many things happening all around the world at once, it’s easy to lose track.

Luckily, there’s this entertaining corner of Reddit dedicated to documenting and sharing the most noteworthy moments captured on camera. The “Be Amazed” subreddit was created back in 2015 and has since grown into a powerhouse of 6.3M members.

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Today, it has an impressive archive of the most interesting pictures from all walks of life, from current news and sports to the entertainment industry and arts. Below we wrapped up some of the amazing and most recent posts shared here.

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#1 Nice And Cool

Image credits: thirstyviolation29

#2 The Human Library

Image credits: Aztery

#3 Have A Rest From All The Bad News With Some Laundry Art

Image credits: Nathuulaalhaha

#4 Le Gogh

Image credits: iam4real

#5 Kharkiv School Graduate In Her Graduation Dress On The Rubble Of Her School Destroyed By The Russian Artillery

Image credits: Micosilver

#6 One Badass Lady

Image credits: Annikakytr

#7 A Leader

Image credits: BenjaminRamm

#8 Bionic Reading Method

Image credits: The-Skinny-Indian

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#9 Love Was And Always Will Be Love

Image credits: Aztery

#10 Beyond Words

Image credits: KatyaYushchenko

#11 This Father With Down Syndrome Raised A Son That Is Now A Doctor

Image credits: SnooCupcakes8607

#12 In The Break Between Combat Duty, Ukrainian Professor Fedor Shandor Gives A Lecture To His Students

Image credits: 1Chloe_Price

#13 A Finalist Of Miss England Finalist Has Become The First Contestant To Compete Without Wearing Any Makeup In The Pageant’s 94 Years Of History

Image credits: WorldHub995

#14 Hi All! I Will Try To Surprise You With A Glass Sculpture Of A Spider That I Made Myself. What Do You Think, Is It Worthy Of Your Attention?

Image credits: Nikita_GlassSymphony

#15 In 2018, During The Parkland School Shooting, 15 Yr Old Anthony Borges Succeeded In Halting The Gunman From Entering His Class By Using His Body To Hold Shut The Door. He Was Shot Five Times, But Saved The Lives Of His 20 Classmates. He’s Since Made A Full Recovery

Image credits: Special_Friendship20

#16 During WWII, Four Brothers From The Same Jewish Family Signed Up To Fight Against The Nazis

Only one of the four brothers survived. His grandson is the current president of ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky

Image credits: Kronyzx

#17 We Need More People Like Him

Image credits: Necessary_Time8273

#18 Meet Kyiv Vitali Klitschko

He is the mayor of kyiv and former heavyweight champion of the world. Klitschko is a millionaire many times over, he could have fled ukraine by private jet and lived a happy life, but instead he decided to risk his own life and fight for his country against a superpower

Image credits: mogulee

#19 Very Interesting

Image credits: Aztery

#20 Col Shaw Was A Fine Man

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#21 I Turned A Bunch Of Wood Sticks Into A One Meter Long Flying Dutchman Ship

Image credits: bartolo2000

#22 Khasi & Jaintia People

Image credits: Aztery

#23 I Made This Artwork Using A Multicolored Ballpoint Pens. Its Size Is 30 X 40 Inches With Illustration Board

Image credits: RalvinDizon

#24 No Human Is Limited

Image credits: LarsJohanL

#25 Please Remember This

Image credits: LethalityJane

#26 *curb Your Enthusiasm Music Plays*

Image credits: Aztery

#27 Maybe There’s Still Hope

Image credits: kindaweird0

#28 This Man Spoke With Every Parent In Uvalde, Texas To Build Personalized Caskets For All 19 Children Who Were Killed. His Name Is Trey Ganem

Image credits: –CoCaCoLa–

#29 What A Badass

Image credits: roseatri

#30 Dog Loves Purple

Image credits: silkycrisp11

#31 Jim Carrey And Eddie Murphy Pose For A Photo After Running Into Each Other Working On The Same Studio Set (2000)

Image credits: cenabollywood

#32 A Redditor Reached Out To Me And Offered To Restore The Only Known Photo Of My Uncle

Image credits: Ruffffian

#33 A Dome Of Flowers Gardens By The Bay, Singapore

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#34 Native American Beaded Caps At Graduation

Image credits: 814ck5t4r

#35 Street Art In France By Seth Land

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#36 Mongolia

Image credits: pupsikandr

#37 A Golden Coloured Mouse With Wavy Fur!

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 The Worlds Oldest Active Police Officer Lives In My Hometown. Today Is His 93 Birthday. Officer “Buckshot” Smith

Image credits: sug-mahdick

#39 Two Presidents Meet With Their Respective Defence Ministers

Image credits: vitbars

#40 A Beautiful White Moose In Sweden

Image credits: FormerFruit

#41 My Newest Drawing

Image credits: BensDrawings

#42 Ravens Are Also Called “Wolf Birds”

Image credits: Aztery

#43 A Modern Egyptian Man Taking A Selfie With A 2000 Years Old Portrait Of An Egyptian Man During The Roman Era

Image credits: bayern80

#44 A Sheep Comforts A Dog After It Protects Their Herd From A Wolf Attack

Image credits: reddit.com

#45 He Trolled An Entire Olympic Team

Image credits: Aztery

#46 Sofía Jirau, The First Victoria’s Secret Model With Down Syndrome, Says She’s Dreamed About A Career In Fashion Since She Was A Little Girl

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#47 I Took A Photo Every Hour Of The Day For 24 Hours

Image credits: buckyball9

#48 The Size Of A Hummingbird Nest

Image credits: gregornot

#49 James Harrison – Man With The Golden Arm

Image credits: Aztery

#50 A Son Was Born In The Family Of A Kiev Police Officer. He Found A Moment With His Colleagues During These Difficult Times To Celebrate The Baby’s Birth

Image credits: spyrg

#51 Twist Of Fate

Image credits: Aztery

#52 This Woman Was Saved By Her Husband…..11 Years Before They Were Married

Image credits: TheCheesecakeOfDoom

#53 This Bus Stop In Brazil, Before And After An Artist Added Their Touch. Credits: Duudoor

Image credits: Weekly-Reason9285

#54 This Picture Has 20 Square Sheets Of Paper That I Have Folded Into Origami Figures Without Any Cutting Or Tearing

Image credits: jkonkkola_art

#55 Humanity Over War

Image credits: SnottyRapport

#56 Feline Family Photo

Image credits: Rich_Dtony

#57 Meet Amina Ependieva – A Chechen Girl Who Is Admired For Her Unusual Beauty – She Is Diagnosed With Two Rare Genetic Conditions: Albinism In Which She Lacks The Melanin Pigment Making Her Skin And Hair Extremely White, And Heterochromia In Which Her Eyes Are Different In Colour

Image credits: Cleverman72

#58 Grover Krantz’s Dog Was A Wolfhound

Image credits: apple-_-boi

#59 This Wandavision Cosplay

Image credits: Raptor_Jeeesus

#60 My Realism Drawings Of Gems

Image credits: BensDrawings

#61 Mother Gorilla With Twins Kids

Image credits: _McThompson

#62 The Timing Of The Photo Was Perfect

Image credits: amy2kim22

#63 Crazy, Right?

Image credits: Backsmother43

#64 An Artist Makes Amazing Sculptures From Driftwood Found On Beaches

Image credits: Gainsborough-Smythe

#65 “Estancia La Guitarra” – A Man From Argentina Planted A Guitar-Shaped Forest Of 7,000 Trees, And More Than 1km In Length, In Memory Of His Wife Who Loved Music

Image credits: MeliaDanae

#66 The Power Of Modern Technology

Image credits: abhishek_roy10

#67 Ali The Hero

Image credits: Aztery

#68 “Buffalo Soldiers” — Military Police — Routinely Patrol The Streets Of The Brazilian Island Of Marajo

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#69 Family Portrait

Image credits: MeliaDanae

#70 A Young Woman Who Survived The Atomic Bombing Of Nagasaki , August 1945

Image credits: priyankesh

#71 A Beach In Japan Where Snow, Sand And Sea Meet Each Other

Image credits: umberto_pagano

#72 A Rare Find And Perfectly Timed Picture!

Image credits: tomcat91709

#73 Cappadocia, Turkey

Image credits: WorldHub995

#74 This Is So Cool

Image credits: roseatri

#75 The Ultimate “Hold My Beer” Moment

Image credits: Aztery

#76 Boy, 4, Who Defied The Odds To Twice Beat Leukaemia Enjoys First Day Of School

Image credits: UchihaLegolas

#77 Blue Dragon River In Portugal

Image credits: BlurryLens

#78 Teaching In A Warzone – One Ukrainian Teacher Says “We All Saw What A Whole Country Of Idiots Who Don’t Know How To Think Critically Can Lead To

Image credits: rishcast

#79 Blonde Seals Are Very Rare And Special, There’s One For Every Million Seals

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#80 Fukang Meteorite Found Near Fukang China In 2000, Is Made Up Of Large Overlene Crystals, And A Nickel Iron Matrix… Very Unique

Image credits: squarepusher6

#81 Lake Louise, Banff, Canada

Image credits: amy2kim22

#82 Thunder Storm Form 37,000 Ft Above

Image credits: navneetmuffin

#83 A Man Takes A Selfie Using A Stick Of Wood To Activate The Camera, 1957

Image credits: priyankesh

#84 In A 300 Years Old Library Is This Tool To Open Several Book At Once. This Made Studying Easier And Didn’t Use Space On Table

Image credits: koraci

#85 Former Miss Grand Ukraine, Anastasia Lenna Leaves The Glitz And The Glam To Defend Her Country

Image credits: Aztery

#86 Buenos Aires, Argentina, After The World Cup Final

Image credits: broomshed

#87 “Spike,” A Chihuahua, Is 23 And Currently The Oldest Living Dog In The World

Image credits: TotalMayhem707

#88 This Is The Shadow Of A Tree During An Eclipse

Image credits: TomrummetsKald

#89 Centuripe Italy

Image credits: Master1718

#90 A Lavender Field Next To A Wheat Field

Image credits: umberto_pagano

#91 This Ukrainian Couple Spent Their First Day Of Marriage Collecting Rifles To Defend Their Country

Image credits: yuuki157

#92 An Incredible Shot Showing The Raw Power Of Lightning Striking A Tree At The Exact Moment The Picture Is Taken

Image credits: 5_Frog_Margin

#93 This Natural Phenomenon Is Called The Giant’s Causeway In N. Ireland

Image credits: Gainsborough-Smythe

#94 An Amazing Shot Of Tokyo From The Sky, The Most Populated City On Earth. Photo By @yokoichi777

Image credits: Weekly-Reason9285

#95 Covering Parking Lots With Solar Panels, Providing Shade, And Generating Electricity To Charge Electric Cars

Image credits: EriccMendez

#96 One Of My Masks

Image credits: DmitriyBragin

#97 The Easter Island Statues Have Bodies

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#98 How Much We Accomplished In Just 66 Years

Image credits: Ok_Board_4331

#99 Original Cast Of “Back To The Future” Film Franchise

Image credits: No_Tomorrow1978

#100 Aerographene Has The Lowest Density Of Any Known Solid

Image credits: therra123

#101 The Unbroken Seal On King Tutankhamun’s Tomb, 1922. The Seal Stayed Untouched For 3,245 Years

Image credits: mllsf

#102 In Lord Of The Rings, The Majority Of The Riders Of Rohan Were Women With Fake Beards. The Horses Used Were Owned By Those Women

Image credits: kaioone

#103 The Magnificent Harpy Eagle

Image credits: GoldenChinchilla

#104 This Woodworking Masterpiece

Image credits: amy2kim22

#105 Long Exposure Picture Of Traffic Lights In Fog

Image credits: yhtgrfdesw

#106 1958 Golden Sahara II With Goodyear’s Illuminated Neothane Glow-Tyres

Image credits: Perfect_Gas

#107 Literally Be Amazed…a Boy Stares At A TV Screen For The First Time In 1948

Image credits: Gerazioio

#108 At The Age Of 52, Kami Rita Sherpa Summits Mt. Everest For The 26th Time. Breaking His Record For The Highest Number Of Summits Of The World’s Tallest Mountain

Image credits: Lumpy-Bird9245

#109 Holy Moly

Image credits: Curiousharsh95

#110 A Bald Eagle’s Nest. Ranger Included For Scale

Image credits: reddit.com

#111 A 140 Million Year Femur Bone That Weighs 1102 Lb (500kg) Was Found In France

Image credits: Bremsford

#112 With Spacex Starlink Service, The People Of Ukraine Now Have Access To The Fastest And Most Robust Satellite Internet

Image credits: leonx81

#113 Biggest Flower In The World (Amorphophallus Titanum)

Image credits: gregornot

#114 Dedicated To Singles

Image credits: Chamatha_saz

#115 Abandoned Tunnel In France

Image credits: amy2kim22

#116 Hisashimichi Interchange Of Hachioji, Japan

Image credits: Userisusers

#117 My 2nd Successful Photo Of A Whale Shark In The Wild

Image credits: Voicy-ZA

#118 Sunlight Through This Fountain In L’aquila, Italy, Makes It Look Like It’s Pouring Lava

#119 High Resolution Image Of A Solar Eclipse

#120 Rare White Giraffe

#121 What An Awesome Guy

#122 Hand Carved Alligator Emerging From The Table

#123 An Acrylic Painting I Finally Finished Called “Valley Of The Disco Moon”

#124 Earth From Mars, Some 125 Million Miles Away

Source: boredpanda.com

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