“Be Careful What You Wish For”: 51 Epic Shopping Fails, As Shared On This Online Group

Online shopping is in a weird position. On the one hand, it offers fantastic convenience, saves you time, and grants access to products from around the globe. On the other hand, there’s always that small chance that you might get something entirely different than advertised or a particularly cheap knock-off. And ‘Wish,’ a popular American e-commerce platform, is often guilty of this, as well as offering some utterly bizarre—albeit incredibly amusing, fun, and quirky—ads.

One subreddit documents some of the most hilarious and egregious cases of shopping fails when browsing ‘Wish.’ We’ve collected some of the top pics to amuse you and remind you to always be careful when buying stuff off the net. Remember—if your gut is telling you it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.

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#1 Seems Legit

Image credits: Brandon4903

#2 Macho-Man Randy Savage Dropping A Savage Elbow On An Unsuspecting Jesus

Image credits: Hobo_Helper_hot

#3 Oh?

Image credits: g0ldwaite

The witty subreddit that collects the worst shopping fails from ‘Wish’ has been up and running since late 2017. In the half a decade since its founding, the online community has grown to over 122k members in size. 

According to the moderator team running the comedy-focused project, people should only post photos and ads from ‘Wish’ or other knock-off sites. However, those other sites have to be “flared appropriately.” The redditors also note that nothing from Amazon is allowed on the sub because there are two other separate online communities dedicated exclusively to them. 

#4 Never Buy Anything Even If It Looks Legit Wtf

Image credits: Roast_Dinner30

#5 Ordered Some Hair Clips And Got Morty Instead

Image credits: jayhoy-hoy

#6 My Wife Just Got This Huge Banner For Work. Perfect

Image credits: heymanitsdan

The mods explain that there’s a difference between gag gifts and shopping fails that really make people’s jaws drop. “This does not mean gag gifts can’t be placed here; it just means that they need to be something that isn’t seen every day.” In short, the community expects a show, not something generic.

Because the community values originality, Reddit users are encouraged to avoid reposts. And, like any other solid online group, the subreddit wants all of its members to “be excellent to each other.”

#7 Our Company Now Has 900 Of These Pens

Image credits: mtkeepsrolling

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#8 Seen On Twitter

Image credits: wedgematt

#9 These Shorts My Friend Ordered From An Instagram Ad… Just A Little Bit Different From The Advertisement!

Image credits: badgurlkiki

The ‘Wish’ e-commerce platform was founded all the way back in 2010 by Piotr Szulczewski and Danny Zhang. Operated from San Francisco, California, the platform personalized the shopping experience for each customer and allows people to sell their products directly to consumers.

That means that even though ‘Wish’ handles the payments with service providers, it doesn’t actually stock the products themselves, nor does it manage the returns. And that’s a pretty big issue. The platform has often been criticized for listing incredibly low-quality and counterfeit goods.

#10 Tried Online Shopping. They Don’t Seem To Fit Me

Image credits: no-u-m8

#11 Always Check The Dimensions In Online Shopping

Image credits: realseboss

#12 Always Take Notice Of A Product’s Size When Shopping Online

Image credits: calebwerm

In fact, the bizarre and sometimes unsatisfactory items that people (accidentally) buy on ‘Wish,’ as well as the platform’s sometimes peculiar ads, have reached meme status. They get poked fun at very often on social media. And even though the platform has taken steps to try and raise the quality of the goods that sellers offer, items that don’t match their descriptions still get through.

#13 Ordered A Pickle Rick Pipe Off Wish.com

Image credits: epsteindintkllhimslf

#14 Turns Out I’m Not Very Good At Online Shopping

Image credits: garbagecannot8

#15 My Friend Ordered A Baby Yoda (Grogu) This Is What They Got

Image credits: Tewakjr

Bored Panda previously spoke to one of the moderators of the popular r/Scams subreddit about avoiding being swindled online. According to the internet user, online marketplaces aren’t exempt from folks trying to pull the wool over others’ eyes. In fact, the internet may be making some scammers even bolder than before.

#16 Finally. A Pillow Shaped Like A Giant Pigs Trotter!

Image credits: deadsocial

#17 Nightmare Fuel

Image credits: Joethemango1234

#18 Wish Wilding For This One

Image credits: PopeyeSeedBagel

“I think online shopping scams are different because you lose that layer of dealing with a real-life person. When you have a real person in front of you, a typical person will feel shame or guilt at the thought of taking advantage of a person,” they explained to us during a previous interview.

#19 My Mom’s Old iPad

Image credits: miinyuu

#20 Did My Mans Dirty

Image credits: reddit.com

#21 I’m Just Shocked Someone Had The Nerve To Order A TV From Wish

Image credits: AntonioGarzaHi123

“With the internet, you aren’t dealing with a person, but a username and avatar. It is much easier to act maliciously when you don’t have a real victim directly in front of you,” the expert in scams told Bored Panda.

“Online scams also use a lot of tricks to pressure buyers; low prices, pushes to buy now!, taking advantage of someone’s kindness or naivete (re: advance check fraud, money mules, etc), or advertising one product and sending another (or nothing at all, by using a fake tracking number). Getting a person to make a decision via high-pressure tactics and preventing them from reflecting and making a sound decision is key,” they said.

#22 Respect Others

Image credits: Kdial2002

#23 Sexy Magikarp! Just What I’ve Always Wanted

Image credits: EtchedKetchum

#24 Wish Offering An Alternative To Assisted Suicide

Image credits: dhrisher

“If a deal is too good to be true, it is. If you see a pair of brand-new Apple AirPods advertised for $50, you are not getting an authentic product. There are many counterfeit items out there on the market, and you need to verify authenticity before hitting buy,” they warned people to resist the temptation to buy things the moment they see them advertised on the internet.

#25 Never Look At The Dimensions While Online Shopping

Image credits: roraverse

#26 Bad Review + Seller Response

Image credits: xetaril

#27 I Wish I Was Making This Up

Image credits: Phiziicz

“Not only to avoid contributing to the counterfeit market, but because these knockoff products do not always go through the same safety standards of the real item; they may not be UL certified, they may use chemicals or ingredients that are not FDA approved and are unsafe for use on or in the human body, or could cause major harm to human life or property.”

#28 Yes

Image credits: luckyred33

#29 What Name Would You Like On The Back?

Image credits: black_coffee_in_bed

#30 When You Don’t Have A Female Model For Your Product

Image credits: reddit.com

Which of these shopping fails made you do a double-take, dear Pandas? Which ads did you think were the weirdest of the weird? What’s your experience with online shopping been like? Have you ever gotten something different than advertised? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of the article.

#31 I Ordered A Desk Lamp From Amazon. I Should Have Read The Specs More Carefully

Image credits: bolthead88

#32 Hoyl Bible

Image credits: reddit.com

#33 At Least He Printed The Shirt

Image credits: daafiidii

#34 Another Wish Gem. Friend Posted What She’s Got. She’s Super Pissed But I Would Be Dying Laughing

Image credits: Brodins_biceps

#35 Oh Yes, I Sure Want To Buy A Whole Water Slide

Image credits: Wayward_Slytherin

#36 This Candle Cup Ordered Online

Image credits: DomesticViking

#37 Wish Freddy

Image credits: Troma330

#38 Wish’s Reason For Pushing Meth Pipes So Hard: Increase Market Demand For Cheap Dentures

Image credits: imaginarytea

#39 I Think My Facebook Ads Have Started To Be Influenced By This Sub

Image credits: getmeoutofohio

#40 I Don’t Even Own A Chicken

Image credits: Glitter_berries

#41 Does Wtf Etsy Count?

Image credits: lck0219

#42 This Dog Is Horrifying

Image credits: Filthy-Pagan

#43 I’ve Seen Strange Sunglasses But This… I Don’t Get

Image credits: marybee18

#44 I Like The Packaging Name In The Background

Image credits: reddit.com

#45 Maybe Some People Wish To Braid Their Eyelashes?

Image credits: violet-costello

#46 I Waited 6 Months For This. Wtf

Image credits: wrong_lane99

#47 When A Man Wants To Order A Football Shirt With No Name On The Back

Image credits: browsib

#48 I Was Sent 75 Pounds Of Lube Today Instead Of The Meal Kit I Ordered

Image credits: stevie0321

#49 The Dangers Of Online Shopping

Image credits: ihazone

#50 The Bear Mask My Friend Ordered vs. The Nightmare Fuel He Received

Image credits: Brewkake

#51 I Thought The Personalized Message Was For The Delivery Driver Not The AirPods

Image credits: raisedincali

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