Beautiful lettering by Tri Shiba

Beautiful lettering by Tri Shiba with a stunning copper ink.

Calligraphy came to Shiba by chance. “When I was still a graphic designer, I was given a pretty fancy pen from one of my brothers, which changed the entire my works since then. After that moment, I have chosen Calligraphy as my main career path. For writing Calligraphy, calmness and relaxation always been interested me.” he said. “Like any other arts, the art of calligraphy also needs a lot practicing. Most importantly, it is a passion and a burning zeal for the letters – If you have enough willpower along with the patience to practice, everyone can tame the most discerning pen in Calligraphy.”

This mesmerizing “Artistic” write was created by using many different tools and you can read some of his tricks here.

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