Becoming Popeye

Dani El Eos (Eye of Sauron Designs) is a cosplayer who’s been everyone from Gaston to Batman. You can see that he really doesn’t look all that much like Popeye. But he teamed up with makeup effects artist Sendy Kumalakanta Lenardic (Mad Squirrel Design FX) to bring Popeye to life for Yunicon 2018!  

The secret was the sculpted silicone prosthetics and makeup by Mad Squirrel Design.

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So of course, you want to see Popeye’s forearms. El Eos described them as “basicly silicone pancakes that are wrapped around my arms.”

Yes, he can move and speak under all that. See more pictures of Popeye here. See the range of Dani El Eos’ cosplay characters at Instagram.

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Source: neatorama

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