Bees That Forage At Night

Bees are known to be diurnal creatures, and are usually seen foraging for food in broad daylight. However, not all bees are diurnal. Some are capable of foraging at night, like these two bee species recently discovered by scientists.

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The study by a team of ecology researchers has observed night time foraging behaviour by a nomiine (Reepenia bituberculata) and masked (Meroglossa gemmata) bee species, with both developing enlarged compound and simple eyes which allow more light to be gathered when compared to their daytime kin.

Published in the Journal of Hymenoptera Research, the researchers explain that this improved low-light ability could potentially also exist in other Australian species secretly active at night, with their image processing ability best observed through high-resolution close-up images.

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(Image Credit: James Dorey, Flinders University/

Source: neatorama

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