Behind the Class-prep Curtain

Arms, doublers, legs, stretcher and sticks.

Christopher Williams, author of “Good Work: The Chairmaking Life of John Brown,” arrived in town on Thursday night to get ready for his Welsh Stick Chair class here next week – so we though we’d give you a look behind the scenes at just some what goes into getting ready for a class.

The Christophers let Covington at around 8:30 on Friday morning (when it was still a tolerable 85° or so) for the hour drive to C.R. Muterspaw Lumber to choose enough 8/4 and 4/4 red oak for seven chair “kits” (red oak because it’s strong, available in straight grain and reasonably priced, and it looks nice with a clear finish, or paint).

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Kale and I stayed here to hold down the fort – so there’s no video from the lumber picking. (And I, for one, literally can’t stand the heat; I’m considering a move to the Northern Territories.)

Seat blanks (the angled lines are how Chris Williams helps students get the front and back legs on each side in the same plane).

But Kale picked up the camera as soon as the guys were back, and caught some shots of what goes into class prep (at least on day 1 – Chris and Chris are finishing up as I write this at lunchtime on Saturday).

Making sure we have enough good parts ready (with a few extras) is key to a worry-free class. It’s a lot of effort – but worth it, so that students have a good experience…without our having to scramble (much) during the week.



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