Bellroy Steps out in a new kind of finery

Designers strive for purpose. For more from less. For form and function in equal measure. The Designers Edition – a new range of five products from Bellroy – is evidence of what can happen when you hone in and honor the purity of design. Classic Bellroy styles such as the Note Sleeve and Travel Wallet feature in the range with added refinement, and some new silhouettes such as a folio wallet, zip wallet and minimalist card slip have been added to the mix.
What elevates this range beyond anything Bellroy has done to date is the precision and curation of design techniques – traditional applications such as stitching and glue have been minimised; external lines have been softened into subtle arcs for warmth and elegance. While every corner, fold and sweep has been considered to the most critical degree, the result is deliberate minimalism. This all provides a complement to the cornerstone of the range – the distinctive European leathers, rich in colour and soft texture.

“Our makers can produce leather goods at the highest level, and have done for some of the world’s top luxury brands. When you have skills like that on hand, you can’t help but wonder what it would be like to unleash them onto our own design innovations,” says Bellroy co-founder, Andy Fallshaw.
“Progressively over many years, we’ve collected details and techniques that for one reason or other weren’t appropriate for our core range. We’ve been dreaming up a range to indulge in those details, in a collection that showcases the full skill of our designers and makers.” 

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About Bellroy
When Bellroy was just a glimmer in a barn owl’s eye, a team of designers and engineers set up the Carryology blog as a place for fellow carry enthusiasts to connect and share ideas. It started providing insights around the world of carry, and wallets in particular – as slim tailoring became more and more popular in men’s fashion, bulky wallets couldn’t be hidden in baggy trousers anymore. So the team set about engineering a slim wallet with fewer layers of leather and new ways to organise cards and cash. The release of this product in 2010 signaled the birth of the Bellroy brand, and its crusade to ‘slim your wallet’.
The products in Bellroy’s range now extend to tech cases, work accessories and more. Because as long as there are things to carry through our lives, we want to inspire more delightful ways to carry them.

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