Bender: Unusual Wall Hooks, by Industrial Designer Christian Neumeier

Industrial designer Christian Neumeier designed Bender, these highly unusual wall hooks:

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“Bender transforms every wall into a wardrobe. The wall hooks made of powder-coated steel can be arranged as you wish, so that a beautiful, individual and at the same time useful wall picture can be created.”

“With great ease, Bender carries any type of clothing and accessories without taking up much space. The charming angular wall objects are available in three different sizes and many colours. Bender is also available in a set.”

Frustratingly, there is zero mention of how these things are affixed to the wall. I assume adhesive strips (making these a no-no for renters) but I suppose it’s possible that there’s an unseen catch on the back that mates with a screw in the wall, as the shadows in some of the photos seem to indicate the object does stand off of the wall a bit. But if that’s the case, for the longer ones I’d assume lining up the two screw holes would be a nightmare.

These are in production by Neuvonfrisch, the Bavaria-based design brand Neumeier runs with fellow industrial designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn.

Source: core77

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