Bern: The Cat Ladder City of Switzerland

The Swiss love their cats much like other countries but they have gone to such measures for their beloved feline friends to the point that they build cat ladders on the side of their houses leading to their windows and apartments. It’s a sight to see as there aren’t a lot of places in the world with such an abundance of cat ladders.

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Despite their whimsical photogeneity, cat ladders haven’t yet been thoroughly documented. The graphic designer and writer Brigitte Schuster aims to change that. She had spotted the occasional cat ladder in her native Germany, but it wasn’t until she moved to Bern, Switzerland, six years ago that she realized how popular they were. 

She’s since taken hundreds of photographs of cat ladders around the Swiss capital, compiling them in a book analyzing the structures from sociological, architectural, and aesthetic perspectives. Swiss Cat Ladders will be published by Schuster’s book imprint, Brigitte Schuster Éditeur, in German and English in fall 2019.

(Image credit: Brigitte Schuster/Creative Commons)

Source: neatorama

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