Best Free and Affordable Online Photoshop Tutorials for Photographers

For the past 27 years, Photoshop has become the go to software for creatives who work with graphics. Photographers, designers, and digitals artists are just a few of the professions that benefit from the capabilities of this powerful program. Especially prevalent in the world of photography, Photoshop’s post-processing capabilities are endless.

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Armed with incredible potential, Photoshop can be daunting for beginners. Indeed, where to begin with a program that has so much capability can be difficult. The good news is that there are plenty of resources online to help guide beginners looking to learn the basics, as well as advanced learners who are looking to add to their skills.

Whether you are a hobbyist looking to improve the quality of your photography or an advanced learner working with composite images, there is something for everyone. And, learning online doesn’t always mean having to pay exorbitant fees. We’ve culled our list of free and paid Photoshop tutorials for photographers that will get you familiar with photo editing in no time.

Free Photoshop Tutorials

Want to learn the basics but aren’t ready to invest? Freelance designer Gareth David has an excellent basic Photoshop course on his YouTube channel Tasty Tuts. Spread across 33 video lessons, the free Photoshop tutorial takes you through the basics. Moving from an introduction to resolution and files sizes to mastering essential functions like the pen tool and color adjustments, the course ends with a lesson in how to create a new project.

David’s lessons are a great way to introduce yourself to Photoshop without having to spend a penny.

If you’re looking for some quick, easy tips on how to use specific Photoshop tools, you may want to check out Creativ Bloq’s 2 Minute Tool School. This 14-video YouTube playlist tackles the basics of different tools with a streamlined, effective approach.

Online Photoshop Classes for Photographers

If you’ve already mastered the basics and are ready to dive into specifics, or want to take a course with well known Photoshop instructors, you may want to consider a paid course. Varying in price and time commitment, the classes can often be purchased separately or in bundles to save money. Here are some of our favorites.

Complete Photoshop Mastery Bundle, Creative Live – This is a 7-course bundle taught by top Photoshop instructor Ben Willmore, who is a member of the Photoshop Hall of Fame. Each course can also be purchased separately, but all together will give you mastery over color, lighting effects, retouching, collage, and much more.

Adobe Photoshop for Photographers: Beyond the Basics, Creative Live– Aren’t ready for advanced mastery just yet? This course is a nice middle ground between beginner and advanced, with 37 courses that tackle everything from compositing basics to how to work with HDR.

Repair And Retouch With Style, Creative Live – Already know the basics and want to simply understand how to retouch your pictures with ease? This affordable 4-lesson course lets you understand how to simplify backgrounds and remove unwanted blemishes easily.

If you are looking for a webinar format, you may also want to try Shaw Academy, which offers a beginner and advanced diploma in Photoshop. Course materials are available 24/7, but fixed times allow interaction and weekly assignments keep you on task.

Looking for something more specific? These Photoshop classes move a step further, focusing on different types of photography for thematic courses to enhance your work.

Photoshop and Lightroom for Landscape Photographers, Creative Live – This class focuses in on specifics like improving skies and creating HDR imagery. Different types of landscape photography, such as mountains and waterfalls are covered, as well as methods to improve your workflow.

Adobe Photoshop Compositing: Essential Techniques, Creative Live – Using both a sports action shot and posed model photo as beginning images, you’ll learn how to build background from multiple images and match lighting for a seamless result.

Portrait Retouching Essentials, Creative Live – During this one-hour lesson, a fashion photographer demonstrates the basics of the tools necessary to begin enhancing your portrait photography.

The Art & Business of High-End Retouching, Creative Live – Want to take a full-dive into photo retouching? This 32-lesson course takes you from photo shoot through detailed Photoshop workflows to perfect your technique.

Creating Fantasy Landscapes, Creative Live – Use your old landscape photographs and let your imagination run wild, as you learn how to composite together your own fantasy land.

Post-Processing for Outdoor and Travel Photographers, Creative Live – This course not only teaches you how to optimize your photos, but how to stay organized while on the road so you’ll remember where you took your photographs.

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Already familiar with Photoshop and looking to streamline your workflow or learn new tricks? These lessons may be for you.

Online Photoshop Tutorials for Photographers

Photo: Creative Live

How to Work Faster in Adobe Photoshop CC, Creative Live – Hone in on how to make your work go quickly with shortcuts and by creating actions.

Photoshop Automation: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques, Lynda – Focused on productivity-boosting techniques so you’ll accomplish more in less time.

Hidden Photoshop Tips & Tricks, Creative Live – Over 21-lessons learn how to use features that many don’t realize exist within Photoshop, even experts.

Photoshop CC 2017 New Features, Lynda – Aren’t aware of how to use the program’s latest features? With new videos added every time Adobe releases an update, this is the perfect way to see what’s new and how it can add to your workflow.

Photoshop: Rethinking the Essentials, Lynda – If you’ve used Photoshop for awhile, you may have gotten stuck in using the same actions. This course will help you rethink what’s possible and discover new features you may not know about.

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