Best of Fine Art Spotted in 2021

When you’re burnt out on the relentless commercialism and consumerism of product design, fine art provides a welcome respite. Here are some of the best art pieces we saw this year.

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Simon Berger “draws” portraits by shattering glass with a hammer

Land Art: Justin Bateman “draws” with rocks

David Wright makes pixel art, using Rubik’s Cubes, of Christian Eriksen

Walead Beshty creates art by intentionally Fed-Ex’ing fragile glass boxes

Sergi Cadenas’ incredible lenticular portraits: The subject ages depending on the viewing angle

Guy who “can’t draw” is actually a genius artist, raises $83k for charity

Artist JR turns museum façade into cutaway drawing

Flux: Scale Collective’s incredible kinetic light installation


Art student’s brilliant “Evidence of our Idiocy” vending machine

Lee Sangsoo’s 3D line drawings

Minimal animal sculptures form playground, bike racks, hangout spot

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

A 1:1-Scale Gundam head made from discarded plastic runners

(I wish this was a trend among industrial designers.) David Hockney wordlessly pages through his sketchbook

Source: core77

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