Best Skim Milk Posts of 2019

Design Milk’s resident minimalism expert, Leo Lei, scours the globe to share new designs every week that are scaled back and void of all extraneous details. He covers everything from architecture, interior design, home furnishings, and tech gear, and now we’re taking a look back at it and sharing the most popular Skim Milk posts from 2019.

Best Skim Milk Posts of 2019

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10. Stille Is Minimalist, Easy-to-Assemble Shelving by Standard Issue
Stille, designed by Standard Issue, is a minimalist, easy-to-assemble shelving and table system that provides maximum functionality with minimum materials.

9. Olivier_Nelson Residence by _naturehumaine
Olivier_Nelson Residence is a minimalist duplex in Montreal by _naturehumaine featuring a central wooden core to allow maximum light to filter throughout.

8. Argentona Apartment by YLAB Arquitectos
Argentona Apartment is a minimalist renovation located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by YLAB Arquitectos. The former 90 sqm apartment was heavily partitioned, split into six rooms, and was relatively dark as a result with no access to the outdoor space.

7. The Future Perfect Presents Casa Perfect in New York City
The Future Perfect presented Casa Perfect New York, a private appointment-only gallery located in a residential townhouse in the West Village.

6. Wallet.Type1 by Yeongkyu Yoo
Wallet.Type1 and SlimWallet.Type1 are a series of minimalist wallets by Seoul and Seattle-based designer Yeongkyu Yoo as part of the cac studio collection.

5. Menchuks Apartment by Hrystia Koliasa
Menchuks Apartment is a minimalist space located in Lviv, Ukraine, designed by Hrystia Koliasa, with the space organized to maximize the client’s main living functions.

4. McKinley Bungalow by Robert McKinley
McKinley Bungalow is a minimalist residence in Montauk, New York, designed by Robert McKinley, outfitted with furniture and objects available for purchase.

3. The Minimalist Knowlton Residence in Quebec by TBA
Knowlton Residence is a minimalist house in Quebec, Canada, by TBA designed as a renovation and extension of an aging country farmhouse.

2. FRAME Minimalist Kitchen by Note Design Studio
Reform’s FRAME minimalist kitchen maintains the most basic Scandinavian elements while combined with Note Design Studio’s focus on clean lines and details.

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1. The Cedars Minimalist Home in Orient, New York
Designed by Michael Yarinsky, The Cedars is a minimalist home located in Orient, New York, that was originally built in the late 19th century along the bay. The clients, a young couple, wanted a space that would not only pay homage to the history of the building, but also represent their personalities as well.

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