Beware the Bonnacon

A bonnacon is a legendary medieval beast that struck terror into the hearts of man. First described by Aristotle, it was widely known by the time medieval bestiaries were written, accompanied by rich illustrations. In most illustrations, the bonnacon resembles a goat, although its feet were sometimes clawed and sometimes hoofed. It had two horns that curled toward each other. So what was so terrifying about the bonnacon?

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The bonnacon’s unique defensive weapon was explosive diarrhea. You could call this an offensive weapon as well. Over time, the bonnacon’s eruptions became more and more exaggerated. The effluvia was said to burn like fire, cover three acres, and hit a target at quite some distance. Tales of the bonnacon were widely told, possibly as a gag rather than a fable, and it was illustrated over and over. In fact, the Public Domain Review has 15 images of the bonnacon in addition to the animal’s history. -via Everlasting Blort

Source: neatorama

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