Billy Ray Cyrus Demands Restraining Order Against Firerose, Says She Spent $96k On His Credit Card

The legal battle between Billy Ray Cyrus and his estranged wife, Firerose, has intensified, with financial disputes and a restraining order coming into play.

The 62-year-old singer asked a judge to grant a temporary restraining order to prevent his ex from using his money.

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As per court documents, the country music star filed the emergency motion in Tennessee court on Thursday, June 13, seeking a temporary restraining order to stop his 37-year-old former partner from any “unauthorized” use of his personal and business credit cards.

The Nashville artist claimed in court documents that Firerose, whose real name is Johanna Rose Hodges, made 37 unauthorized charges on his business account that amount to $96,986, and this included $70,665 for her attorney fees.

Billy Ray Cyrus filed for divorce in May from Firerose, whose real name is Johanna Rose Hodges, citing irreconcilable differences and inappropriate marital conduct

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“As a result of these fraudulent charges… I am concerned that Ms. Hodges is in possession of other information that she may use to make fraudulent, unauthorized charges to my business and personal credit cards and accounts,” read his emergency filing.

The country star said that the Australian musician, whom he married about eight months back, began making the unauthorized charges on May 23, when he filed for a divorce citing irreconcilable differences and “inappropriate marital conduct.”

The date of their separation was listed as May 22, 2024, in court documents.

In the previous court filings, the Hannah Montana alum also said he is seeking an annulment, accusing Firerose of committing “fraud.”

“He gave consent to marriage based on Fraud by the Wife, that had he known he would not have entered into the bonds of matrimony,” court documents said.

On June 13, the country singer filed an emergency motion in a Tennessee court seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent Firerose from making unauthorized charges on his personal and business accounts


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Shortly after Billy filed for divorce, it was agreed upon in court that the Sydney-born singer would move out of his home immediately. Additionally, it was also agreed that he would continue supporting her financially for 90 days or until their marriage is officially dissolved, whichever occurs first.

As part of his recent motion, the country singer said he does not maintain any joint accounts, credit cards, or real estate with his estranged wife. Moreover, both parties have never been authorized to be a signer or user of the other’s bank accounts or cards, he added.

The divorce-seeking artist further claimed that Firerose owns real estate in Los Angeles that is worth more than seven figures, in addition to having over $500,000 in “liquid and investment assets at her disposal.”

Following his June 13 filing for a temporary restraining order, Firerose clapped back and said there was “no emergency.” She also claimed she had access to her estranged husband’s American Express credit card since June 2022.

“To claim Wife has made 37 unauthorized charges is untrue,” read a response filed by the pending ex-wife’s lawyers.

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“Throughout the divorce proceedings, the parties are to live as per the status quo during the marriage. Wife was simply living as she has since October 10, 2023, and Husband has no right to cut her off,” the response added.

The Nashville artist claimed Firerose made 37 unauthorized charges totaling $96,986, including $70,665 in payments to her attorneys, starting from May 23, the day he filed for divorce

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Since tying the knot in October 2023, Firerose began using his cards with his permission, and they would regularly “go over” the transitions made with the card, according to her response filing.

Currently, the Achy Breaky Heart singer is demanding that his former partner refund or return anything she purchased using his card.

Billy was previously married to Tish Cyrus, the mother of his five children, Noah, Brandi, Trace, Braison, and Grammy winner Miley Cyrus.

During his 28-year-old long marriage to Tish, the country star crossed paths with Firerose in 2010 while filming for Hannah Montana, the hit Disney show that he starred in with his hitmaking daughter from 2006 until 2011.

Firerose’s legal team responded, stating there was no “emergency” and that she had been using her divorce-seeking husband’s American Express card with his permission since June 2022

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It was only in 2022 when the Butterfly Fly Away artist started dating Firerose. They got engaged the same year and tied the knot in October 2023.

As the pair now heads for a divorce, an insider claimed they are separating because “she isn’t the person he thought he married.”

“He believes that she married for other reasons but love,” the source told People. “He believes she married him so he can take care of her financially. They’ve had drama and trust issues about money.”

“He wants her out of his life,” the source added. “They have a prenup. He’s disappointed right now, but surely will turn it around quickly. He tends to be a very positive guy.”

Reports also claimed that BRC’s 31-year-old daughter, Miley, has long been opposed to her father’s relationship with Firerose.

“Miley is vindicated knowing that she was right about Firerose the whole time and she used to tell everyone that every rose has its thorn,” a source told

Sources claimed that Billy’s pop star daughter, Miley Cyrus, “knew from day one that [Firerose] was no good” for him

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While the pop diva’s sister Noah “took her father’s side,” the Flowers singer felt Firerose wasn’t good for her father even before their short-lived marriage began, the source claimed.

“Noah took her father’s side and became close with Firerose,” the source told the outlet. “Miley knew from day one that she was no good and was using her dad and she was right. Everyone warned him of this, and he was adamant that they were in love.”

“Firerose was one of the reasons she stopped talking to her dad,” the source added.

Another source claimed to Us Weekly that Miley and her siblings never approved of their marriage.

“Miley, Noah, and their siblings really never understood the relationship and why Billy married her so abruptly,” a source told the outlet. “No one approved of the marriage.”

The insider also claimed that the Wrecking Ball singer believes her father’s divorce is a step in the “right direction.”

“Miley is hopeful this will give some peace to the family,” the insider added. “And she thinks this is a good step in the right direction for him.”

Some netizens said Billy got “snookered” by the woman, while his loyal fans expressed that they were “genuinely worried and concerned” for the country singer

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