BioLite Launches a Range of Emergency Kits

Core77 readers are no strangers to BioLite, the company who’s mission of bringing “Energy Everywhere” has resulted in a variety of products from outdoor stoves to off-grid energy solutions. Their R&D team has been using a process of parallel innovation to develop technologies for both the outdoor camp market and emerging markets in the developing world, but with climate change and natural disasters on the rise, the team realized they were missing a key part of the market: emergency preparedness. In honor of National Preparedness Month this September, BioLite has just launched a series of emergency bundles for families and homes of different sizes.

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The need for emergency kits first occurred to them when Biolite’s offices lost power during Hurrican Sandy in 2012. “We set up charging stations around New York with our camp stoves,” BioLite’s VP of marketing, Erica Rosen told Fast Company. “We would boil water so people could have a cup of tea and charge their phones using our solar chargers. It was a little moment of humanity, but it was also this moment when we said, ‘Holy shit, we’ve been thinking about off-grid energy for outdoor recreation: We’re totally missing the ball on emergency readiness.'”

The new bundles are designed to meet the needs of anyone during a power outage and include a Solo Kit (designed for 1-2 people), an Apartment Kit (for 2-4 people), and a larger Family Kit. Each bundle contains solar-powered lights, chargers, headlamps, and water filtration straws. Check out more details below:

The kits will only be available for sale during the month of September.

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