BioLite's Successfully-Kickstarted, Smokeless FirePit Now Available

It’s been nearly a year since we brought you news of BioLite’s FirePit, which was then in Kickstarter mode. Having been successfully funded, it’s now in production and available for sale through their site.

To refresh your memory, the FirePit takes the best parts of a campfire, gets rid of the worst parts, and wraps them in a portable package that you can not only use to grill on, but to charge your devices.

A four-speed internal fan blows air through 51 jets, creating an ultra-efficient burn that produces far less smoke than a conventional fire. It’ll burn either wood or charcoal. Because the mesh housing is largely transparent, you can zone out and watch the fire within. (If that doesn’t sound appealing, perhaps you’ll appreciate it more after accidentally eating a pot brownie.) Weighing in at just 19 pounds and with folding legs, the FirePit is easy to tote around.

You can learn more about the FirePit here.

Source: core77

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