Biophilic Mirrors by Sculptor/Furniture Designer Soo Joo

These Dynamic Mirrors are by sculptor/furniture designer Soo Joo.

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The impressively executed biophilic forms are typical of her work. CNC, you say? Nope; rasp and sandpaper.

“Soo Joo Studio’s sculptural silhouettes are timeless and dynamic, bringing the essence of nature indoors. Inspired by traditional Korean ink calligraphy (? ? ?). The gestural form of each piece is based on a monoprint artwork that tracks the artist’s body in momentive movement. This is a biophilic design technique that the artist has developed since 2015. Her eye for novel forms and sensitivity to detail come from her background in fine art and sculpture.”

“Soo Joo is a Korean-American artist. Having grown up in the US surrounded by the natural beauty of New England, she is invested in restoring the human-nature connection. She develops ‘modern geometries,’ new methods of biophilic design, by tapping into traditional Korean aesthetics which value a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

You can see more of her work here.

Source: core77

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