Biophysicist Designs Drip-Free Wine Bottle

Here’s a reminder that there are plenty of everyday objects around us that still need a re-design. The observant industrial designer should note that water tends to pool around the base of a hand-pump soap bottle, leaving a dark ring on the countertop over time, or that pouring from a fresh wine bottle tends to come with a little drippage. Yet it is biophysicist Daniel Perlman, not a designer, who has observed and solved the latter problem.

Oenophile Perlman studied slow-motion footage of wine being poured. He then experimented with a diamond file to create the following fix:

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If you can’t tell what’s going on, the channel that Perlman has machined into the lip of a stock bottle is precisely-sized so that liquid cannot flow across it and thus drip down the neck of the bottle. If that seems simple, consider that it took Perlman three years to develop the idea and perfect the depth and width of the groove.

Some of you may also say that this is already a solved problem. But as Brandeis University, where Perlman is a professor, points out:

There are already products on the market designed to prevent wine spillage, but they require inserting a device into the bottle neck. Perlman didn’t want consumers to have to take an additional step after they made their purchase. “I wanted to change the wine bottle itself,” he says. “I didn’t want there to be the additional cost or inconvenience of buying an accessory.”

Perlman is currently in talks with bottle manufacturers.

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