Bizarre Foods People Once Ate for Christmas

Weird History looks back at some of the midcentury Christmas recipes invented by food manufacturers in order to push their products, namely, Jell-O, Campbell’s Soup, and mayonnaise. Not only did they sell a lot of processed convenience foods, the overcomplicated recipes gave suburban housewives something to do while their kids were at school that they could be proud of. Some of these sound like they might be tasty, if you reduce or remove the exact product they are pushing. And you’d probably want to simplify the presentation. And not serve it to people you don’t know well. In fact, let’s just simplify them all by using real ingredients instead of ultra-processed food products. I believe that’s pretty much what we did as the 20th century slipped into the 21st century.

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You’ll still find food like this being served at holiday feasts, because they are the comfort foods your grandparents ate when they were kids. If you ask me, the only thing worth keeping from the era of processed convenience food recipes is Rice Krispies marshmallow treats. And I don’t even make that anymore because I’d have to eat the whole batch myself. -via Digg

Source: neatorama

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