Black and Decker's New, Sustainable, Designey Power Tools

Black and Decker has announced their new Reviva line, a series of recyclable power tools made partially from recycled plastic bottles.

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Aimed at casual-use DIY’ers, the tools bear a soft, designey aesthetic presumably meant to appeal to your average homeowner looking to do some around-the-house touch-ups.

In Black and Decker’s strategy, sustainability is meant to be a key selling point:

“Each reviva™ product is created in partnership with Eastman and the tool’s housing is engineered for durability, made from Tritan™ Renew, a 50% certified recycled material. In addition to its tool housing composition, every tool in the reviva™ family of products is delivered in packaging designed to be curbside recyclable which doubles as a storage box. Through a partnership with TerraCycle, Stanley Black & Decker is now offering consumers the opportunity to recycle products, like the reviva™ line, at the end of the product’s useable life cycle.”

All running on 12V batteries, the initial line-up consists of a $50 drill/driver, a $60 detail sander with a diminutive 3.5″ triangular pad and a $60 cordless jigsaw.

Judging by the promo imagery, it seems as if a dedicated driver, an oscillating tool and a cordless vac are also in the works.

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As for the recyclability of the battery, the company says they’re currently “creating and implementing programs for battery and end-of-life tool recycling,” but it doesn’t appear those programs are up and running just yet.

While Black & Decker’s reliability ratings aren’t what they were decades ago, the company is offering a two-year warranty on each Reviva tool, “provided that the product is used in a home environment.” In other words, DeWalt, Festool and the big boys probably aren’t looking over their shoulder.

Source: core77

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