Blooming Cactus Flower Timelapse

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Cacti are spiky and some people find that repelling but once in a while these sharp fellows release some of the most radiant colors in the floral world. Someone who goes by the nickname Echinopsis Freak is dedicated to capturing the beauty of blooming cacti, Echinopsis cacti to be exact (a large genus that consists of around 180 species). “While many types of cacti have wonderful flowers, I hope you’ll soon agree that the Echinopsis family of cacti rules the roost,” says the mysterious plant lover. “There are many funky aspects of these flowers, including contrast, intensity, timing, and brevity.” Echinopsis range in size from the small (diameters of 1″/2.5 cm) to the massive (diameters over 8″/20 cm), and they come in a wide range of colors – whites, pinks, yellows, reds, oranges, and more. “The colors of many Echinopsis flowers are so intense, so saturated that it’s literally impossible to look at them for more than a few seconds without averting your eyes.”

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