Blueair Blue Air Purifiers Find Inspiration in the Scandinavian Landscape

Blueair Blue Air Purifiers Find Inspiration in the Scandinavian Landscape

Air quality has entered into the forefront of many people’s minds lately. And while we cannot always control the quality of air outside, air purification indoors is something all households can improve almost immediately with the introduction of an efficient HEPA-grade air purifier. Blueair’s latest line of Blue Pure Auto Air Purifiers improve on their highly rated performance with the addition of several notable upgrades, including an aesthetic addition of five optional washable pre-filter colors inspired by the natural landscapes of Scandinavia.

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The Swedish air quality appliance brand’s air filtering solutions – particularly their Blue line – soften the presence of what can be an intrusive presence within interior spaces with the combination of simple cylindrical or square designs covered with pre-filter fabrics. The newly updated line of Blue Pure Auto air purifiers now can be customized with five optional washable pre-filters in hues derived from the Scandinavian natural landscape (Arctic Trail, a gray color cover is included).

Blue Pure Auto Air Purifiers use a combination of a particle filter and carbon filter made from natural coconut carbon to remove 99.97% of airborne particles and household odors.

Their bona fides in the air filtration department have been proven in independent testing, and these new designs now include an integrated LED Air Quality Indicator and one-touch Auto mode feature that increases fan speed when the particle sensor determines interior air quality has dropped. A lower and quieter speed returns once pollution dissipates, simplifying the introduction of air purification at home. Thankfully each model is also designed with an auto-dimming light, reducing the annoyance of device light pollution.

The Blue Pure Auto Air Purifiers line have a somewhat confusing numerical naming scheme where the higher the model number, the smaller the coverage of filtration. The 411 Auto ($119.99) is designed for smaller spaces like a nursery, guest bedroom or home office and can filter up to 190 ft². The 311 Auto ($239.99) is designed for bedrooms and living rooms of up to 388 ft², while the largest 211+ Auto ($299) can handle rooms as large as 540 ft².

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