BMW's Designers Return to Earth with Shockingly Clean Design

I’ll always love the clean lines of a 1980s BMW. But the company’s design direction in recent years has confused me; I just don’t understand how the brand that brought us this…

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…also came up with this:

However, the dark days may be over. BMW has just unveiled their neue-new design direction, embodied in the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, intended to showcase what their next generation of vehicles will look like. And it’s a stunner.

The renderings give the first indication that they’ve reined things in, and are focusing more on form and proportion than excessive surfacing and those God-awful grille wars:

Then you see the sheet metal (or whatever composites they used), and it’s shockingly tidy:

I think it’s just fantastic. In contrast to some of their recent models, which look like they were designed by AI, this looks like a modern German car. It’s got that perfectly reconciled, confident form that doesn’t need slashes, creases and scoops to draw your eye. I’m not crazy about the dogleg crease in the hood above the front fender, but other than that the design seems tight, restrained, and slaved over. I’m particularly smitten by the profile.

And maybe it’s just the colors, but the interior looks like a Syd Mead rendering to me:

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“The exterior showcases design elements that will define the different Neue Klasse models,” BMW promises. “The Neue Klasse will certainly impact all model generations.” That’s a welcome bit of news!

The car will be officially revealed to the public at next week’s IAA Mobility 2023 International Motor Show in Munich.

Source: core77

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