Boeing 777 precision-crafted from manilla envelopes

Luca Iaconi-Stewart has turned a boring everyday material, the manilla envelope, into an extraordinary sculpture material. The 22-year-old has been building an Air India Boeing 777 for the past five years and documented his entire process along the way. The 1:60 scale airplane is made with amazing precision down to the complex airplane seats inside the fuselage.

Once part of the model was complete Luca Iaconi-Stewart had the plane subtly painted with just gloss in order to highlight the design but not detract from the spectacle of the manilla envelope material. Check out the video below to see the amazing time-lapse performance of the painting process. If this video is just the decoration, I can’t imagine the complexity of the past five years of construction!

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Luca Iaconi-Stewart aims to finish the ambitious airplane model this summer. You can follow along with the project on his Flickr.

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