Bondo Basics for Designers and Modelmakers, Part 2

Here in Part 2 of his series on Bondo basics, industrial designer Eric Strebel shows you how you can use polyester body filler to go straight from sketching to hands-on, to create complex 3D forms for prototyping.

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, or prefer the tactility of shaping an object by hand–as all designers once did–this is a great way to go, as you can make changes on the fly without having to edit the file and wait for the print all over again.

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Strebel also gives you a bunch of his signature tips, from the application of glazing putty, to how to form smooth fillets, to using Bondo to bond Bondo to Bondo (never thought I’d type that!).

Source: core77

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