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When I first saw Liam Wong’s photographs of Tokyo online, I was amazed by his sense of aesthetics. This guy has good taste and obviously knows what he’s doing.

In this book I read that he became the youngest art director at one of the largest game studios, Ubisoft Montreal, at the age of 25. This guy is seriously talented, and passionate. Today, he’s a director, game designer and photographer, and was listed as Forbes magazine’s influential 30 under 30. Wow.

I don’t usually feature photography books on my blog but this is more than just a photography book.

TO:KY:OO is a thick 256-page hardcover that features some of the best photographs on Tokyo I’ve ever since. These photographs have been heavily colour edited to create a stylistic look. There’s an emphasis of cyan, purples, neon colours against blacks for contrast, to make the colours stand out. One look at any photos and you can identify the style and link it back to Liam Wong. That’s how recognisable they are.

Inspiration for Liam Wong comes from Akira, Evangelion and obviously Ghost in the Shell among other sources. The use of colours, composition and the whole styling remind me instantly of Ghost in the Shell mostly because Liam Wong is also trying to create this futuristic world, and he succeeds on so many levels. The colours draw you in, the details make you linger, and the composition makes you think. His photographs evokes a certain emotion in people, which was why they were so popular online.

This is a fascinating book. It’s truly inspiring to see how someone can take photography to a different artistic level.

Most highly recommended.

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