Books That Can Make You Smarter

There’s an assumption that book readers are very smart. It is true that book readers tend to be very eloquent, as their vocabulary expands as they read more titles. Additionally, they could also get new information from the literature they read.

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In short: yes, reading can make you a bit smarter by making you more informed. There’s absolutely no harm in using this method to be more knowledgeable about different topics out in the world. If you’re looking for the best titles that can make you smart, The Atlantic has got you covered! 

The American magazine has compiled a list of the best non-fiction books that can help guide new readers to grasp deeper and unfamiliar concepts. They also reassure their readers that their recommended books are very easy to digest! 

These books mostly focus on deep and philosophical questions, such as the meaning and relationship between life and death. Additionally, some of their recommendations are focused on taking a deep dive into the world by looking into the economic patterns that emerged, as well as the history of different events such as the American census. 

Check the full book list here if you’re interested. Although, if we may also share our opinion, you can also look at fiction titles to be a bit more knowledgeable as well. What’s important is you can easily read, understand, and enjoy the book you’re reading!  

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Source: neatorama

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