Booooooom TV Guide: Music Videos, Short Films & Animation

12:07 Kimi 1. blood royal — i just like the unexpected nature of the bunnies… and how delicately that really rough-looking guy places them on the car
12:08 Kimi 2. time agent – as a fan of murkami novels i appreciate the mundaneness of the quiet moments in the midst of this high stakes/sci fi concept
12:09 Kimi 3. isla – good juxtaposition of contemporary dance style, kinda traditional music, and really epic location
12:11 Kimi 4. animated trippy one – feels really complete, like a snapshot of a full world and characters. also the details like the mom waving and the ending are really funny and , like you said, fit the song really well
12:12 Kimi 5. portugal. the man – the giant puppet kickflips a car like a skateboard (at least i’m pretty sure that’s a kickflip).


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