“Boring Dystopia”: 100 Posts That Showcase The Idea That We Live In A Not-So-Exciting Dystopia

One may think a dystopia is just a trope of science fiction writing. Outlandish possibilities of human, or not-so-human realities, where all that we fear becomes an inescapable fact of daily life. Again, it’s just fiction, right? Well, sometimes the present is a lot more disturbing than meets the eye. 

The “Boring Dystopia” subreddit has been sharing the posts that show just how broken the matrix is, or, mayhaps, the fact that one of those is just a matter of imagination, as a completely controlled environment would not allow for this much chaos. How did we end up here; your guess is as good as mine. How do we get out is the question we need to start asking. 

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As you scroll through this list, make sure to upvote the worst of the worst that reality has to offer, leave some comments below, and if you’re craving some more bitterness to further ruin your day, here is another article for you. Now let’s get into it.

#1 Had I Also Given A Donation?

Image credits: mhdksafa

#2 This Is So Painful

Image credits: mhdksafa

#3 They’re Not Wrong

Image credits: BelleAriel

#4 Please Be Careful

Image credits: arnobhasan

#5 The Minimum Wage Workers Called “Heroes” But

Image credits: neal_thatdude

#6 Death/Penalty

Image credits: sanguine_siamese

#7 I’m A Buffalo Fan And I Hate This

Image credits: DanPriceSeattle

#8 A Big Sham

Image credits: DylanOgline

#9 Conditioning

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Image credits: QueerlyAutistic

#10 Stealing Might Be The Word For It

Image credits: DylanOgline

#11 Celeb Charity

Image credits: JAFD74

#12 This Is What We Are Here For?

Image credits: DavidOAtkins

#13 Paid Off Your Loan “Too Fast”

Image credits: shekharshashank220

#14 What Do You Do?

Image credits: DylanOgline

#15 Just In Case You Didn’t Know

Image credits: BrentToderian

#16 What’s The Cause?

Image credits: mhdksafa

#17 Exactly

Image credits: letstalkaboutit24

#18 Must We Apply Whatever We’ve Learned?

Image credits: mhdksafa

#19 The Root Of Our Dysfunction

Image credits: RBReich

#20 It Shouldn’t Matter

Image credits: morjint22

#21 Pro-Life? Nah, I Think The Right Term Is Pro-Birth

Image credits: mhdksafa

#22 Ahhh, No Wonder The End Of Civilization Is So Boring

Image credits: _tomcashman

#23 100%. Not Even A Question

Image credits: ItsDanSheehan

#24 Word Of The Day Is Respect

Image credits: paintedpeanuts

#25 God Save Us All

Image credits: captainfatc0ck

#26 The Part At The Bottom Does Make Me Angry

Image credits: BigShine2509

#27 1y Ago.. And What Has Changed? Shouldn’t Happen In A Developed Country

Image credits: tany4k

#28 America Is A Joke At This Point

Image credits: PaulCogan

#29 That’s How Inflation Comes

Image credits: arnobhasan

#30 You Will Grow Nothing, And Be Happy About It

Image credits: mikebattaglia_com

#31 If You Protest When Cops Kill People… * Checks Notes * They’ll Let Children Die?

Image credits: WhitlockJason

#32 When A Dystopia With Hungry Children Is Painted As A Feel Good Story

Image credits: BelleAriel

#33 That’s Why No One Has Kids?

Image credits: NotABigJerk

#34 Should They Have To Charge?

Image credits: DanPriceSeattle

#35 Don’t Know What To Say

Image credits: stats_feed

#36 Does This Fit? I’m Still Figuring Out This Sub

Image credits: perfectsweeties

#37 I Always Wondered How And Why “Public” Universities Got So Expensive In The U.s

Image credits: Rezamavoir

#38 Any Narrative Claiming Our Current Inflationary Environment Is Due To Anything Other Than Price Gouging Is Disinformation

Image credits: BelleAriel

#39 This Hurts My Soul

Image credits: elphie_l

#40 And Nothing Will Change

Image credits: knife_in_the_road

#41 Nestle

Image credits: TayyanEl

#42 “ … In Case Anyone’s Wondering How Seriously We’re Taking The Climate Crisis”

Image credits: BelleAriel

#43 Saw This On Another Sub And Thought You Guys Would Like It

Image credits: Ant10102

#44 Is It Too Challenging?

Image credits: arnobhasan

#45 But How?

Image credits: galaxymarine

#46 Life Bad Money Good

Image credits: CNBC

#47 Million Dollar Idea

Image credits: morjint22

#48 I Think Certain Straight White Men Literally Being Above The Law Counts As Dystopian

Image credits: CptMatt_theTrashCat

#49 This Journalist Retweets Every Statement Made In Light Of The Recent Shooting With The Amount Of Money The Person Speaking Has Gotten From The Nra

Image credits: NotErikUden

#50 They Actually Believe This

Image credits: IAmAccutane

#51 How Long Until They Get Ones For Chickens?

Image credits: _Ensign_Ricky_

#52 Government Failouts

Image credits: electroplasmasphere

#53 Leasing People Is Slavery

Image credits: werntz360

#54 Housing Is A One Big Bubble

Image credits: morjint22

#55 3 Months Later

Image credits: BelleAriel

#56 He’s Not Wrong

Image credits: CharlestonChewChewie

#57 The N95 Masks

Image credits: BelleAriel

#58 We’re All A Bad Day From Being In The Same Boat, So Why Kick Down For A System That Grinds Us Into Dust?

Image credits: TheREALFlyDog

#59 It Isn’t The Economic Reality That Working People Can Be Satisfied With

Image credits: Post-Narrow

#60 Do You?

Image credits: KayqubadKhan

#61 Even Gofundme Has Had Enough

Image credits: beautyanddelusion

#62 Do You Feel Like Your Labor Is A “Voluntary Transaction”?

Image credits: xena_lawless

#63 9/11 Nft

Image credits: yuritopiaposadism

#64 Missouri Just Made Existing While Homeless A Crime

Image credits: CantStopPoppin

#65 The Future Is Lame

Image credits: Gluteusmaximus1898

#66 I Hate This Timeline

Image credits: fakename1998

#67 Returning To The Worst Parts Of The 1950s Once Again

Image credits: The8uLove2Hate_

#68 The Nice Walk:

Image credits: reddit.com

#69 You Can’t Make This Up

Image credits: TheG0dHand

#70 Peanuts, Akin To Gold

Image credits: Blue-_-Jay

#71 This Is The Pretty Much The Future Waiting For Most Americans Imo

Image credits: SmollPpMaster69

#72 Ah, Cool

Image credits: EasyPeezyATC

#73 Agree

Image credits: arnobhasan

#74 Holy Cr*p

Image credits: heavyflow54

#75 I’m At A Loss For Words

Image credits: danivi2000

#76 New Ghost Bike Just Last Month, And A Pedestrian The Month Before Within A Mile From My House

Image credits: Rezamavoir

#77 ….. We Did

Image credits: DrunkUranus

#78 She Should Be Alive, No One Should Lose Their Lives Over Work

Image credits: CantStopPoppin

#79 Inventing Tech That’s More Useless Than A Single Piece Of Metal

Image credits: _useless_lesbian_

#80 Depressing

Image credits: ddumblediglet

#81 For Real?

Image credits: electroplasmasphere

#82 Will We Be Able To Prevent Crime With This?

Image credits: arnobhasan

#83 Solidarity With Ontario Education Workers. Our Government Passed Legislation Blocking Them From Striking. They Went On Strike Anyway Facing Fines Of $4000 Per Day

Image credits: virtualtowel5

#84 Uganda Strikes 12.8 Trillion In Gold,and Mainstream Media Does Not Mention Anything About It

Image credits: reddit.com

#85 Inflation Or Profits

Image credits: M3fit

#86 “We Would Never Smoke Our Cigarettes, And Neither Should Our Customers.”

Image credits: curiuslex

#87 I’m So Glad Joe Biden Codified Roe vs. Wade, Imagine How Bad It Could’ve Been If He Hadn’t

Image credits: The-earth-be-flot

#88 Deranged Pill Counter Makes Life Altering Decisions For Strangers. Wants Money

Image credits: baboose1948

#89 City’s Attempt To Cut Texas Man’s Grass Leads To A Standoff, A Fire, And His Death, Police Say

Image credits: 7_of-9

#90 Every Accusation Is A Confession

Image credits: CptMatt_theTrashCat

#91 I’m Seriously Considering It. This Is Not A Meme. Eat The Rich

Image credits: reddit.com

#92 They’re Turning The Night Sky Into A Paywall

Image credits: SpyderDM

#93 Horrific

Image credits: it-was-genocide

#94 Yeah, That’s America

Image credits: arnobhasan

#95 3rd Party For 2024?

Image credits: BelleAriel

#96 Richest Man In The World, Manages To Fit Racism, Homophobia And Transphobia.. To A Joke About A Country Currently At War

Image credits: wannabestraight

#97 The Haves (Battery) And The Have Nots

Image credits: alohamanMr

#98 Anyone Surprised?

Image credits: letstalkaboutit24

#99 Prototype Economy Seats

Image credits: bartergames

#100 Wow

Image credits: Proatnothings

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