Bosch's Fantastic Design Improvements to the Cordless Stick Vacuum

The designers of Bosch’s Unlimited 7 have made design improvements to the cordless stick vacuum form factor, removing at least four of the UX hassles that saddle my Dyson.

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When vacuuming, you often want to swap out the roller head for the angled nozzle. The Bosch makes this less fiddly: The roller head can be popped off using one’s foot, and the business end of the vacuum tube beneath is already angled, eliminating the need for you to attach a separate angled head.

The vacuum stands on its own, conveniently staying in place when you want to remove the handle end to use as a mini-vac. (My Dyson needs to be laid down, and picked up afterwards.)

The long shaft has a joint above the midpoint, so you can vacuum beneath things without needing to kneel or squat.

And the top of the shaft has a little hook on the back of it. This means you can quickly dock it onto a variety of nearby surfaces when you need your hands free.

Sadly for me, the Unlimited 7 is European- and Asian-market only.

Source: core77

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