Boss Gives An Employee That Brought Him $1.5M In Commission A $25 Gift Card As A Bonus, They Quit

If there’s something that most people — at least we, dear 99 percenters — have in common, it must be horrible bosses. Screaming, lazy or immoral — we barely can stand them. Which explains why nearly half of employees quit because of this very same reason. But if not for them, those soul-draining, raise-refusing creatures we take orders from — where’d we be today?

Think about it: they might not wish the very best for us, they might not even know our real names, but they drive us crazy so that we can move on. As Dave Carpenter, founder of Carpendiem Inc., writes in his ‘Ode To The Bad Boss‘: “I’d like to sincerely thank all of the terrible bosses I’ve worked for over the years. Without you, how would I have ever started my own business?”

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We don’t doubt this person shares this sentiment. At least, somewhere deep down. As he shared in his mind-boggling r/antiwork story, the final straw that made him realize it was time to move on was his boss’ selfishness. After all this employee had done for the company, after all the profit that he helped to make, all he received for a Christmas bonus was a lousy $25 gift card. The best part? The closest cinema he could use it for was 1.5 hours away… Gee, thanks, Mr. Boss!

Nothing describes what a selfish prick your boss is better than a lousy Christmas gift

Naturally, as one would do under the same circumstances, this employee had found a better job offer. And boy, how quickly things got out of hand then moment his Scrooge-y boss heard the words “I’ve accepted another job.” Threats using legal action, cold calling, intimidation — just some of the things this brave worker had to go through just to be released from his ‘here’s-a-$25-AMC-card-because-I-appreciate-you’ boss’ captivity.

And yet, if not for this terrible boss, he wouldn’t have jumped the ship to be where he is today. And people say lousy Christmas gifts shouldn’t exist…

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Or them taking legal action against you simply for moving on in life, as this story shows

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Based on people’s comments, pathetic bosses like this are not entirely uncommon

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