BOTANY by Giulio Vesprini on the rooftop in Turin, Italy

The artistic residency who saw Giulio Vesprini invited at MissionToArt has just ended.

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An intense experience that has seen, on one hand, the birth of a limited edition screen printing produced by Sericraft-Printing Company and entitled LOSTLOVE. On the other hand, the artist has left his unmistakable sign with a colorful work on the roof of a former industrial space located in the heart of the Borgo Vittoria district ( Turin).

Casa Ozanam is the name of a former printing house owned by the City of Turin and used as a guest-worker’s quarters. The complex consists of several buildings and adjoining courtyards that are arranged in a triangular lot. Created by Bulgarian architect Nicolaj Diulgheroff, the machine-ship-shaped building is an interesting example of the architecture of the second Italian Futurism, unique in Turin: a common asset to be preserved, treated and regenerated.

On top of one of these buildings we find Orti Alti, a pilot project that shows how the rooftop garden can work as an urban regeneration device. And it is right up here that Giulio created BOTANY.

Vesprini has for years pursued a creative journey mainly based on the study of the relationship between space and architecture, questioning, above all, on the types of dialogue between urban spaces and citizenship. In his continuous research he has always found new shapes to create designs that can be adapted to the surrounding architecture in order to expand his graphics.

ARCHIGRAFIA is the word in which we can sum up his production: a concept that does not want to express just the aesthetic aspect, but it’s based on an ethical value for which the study of urban fabric is the key point. Then, shapes and colors enter in a almost magical way, creating visual perceptions in which the walls are perceived as enlarged.

In this case, he was overwhelmed by the landscape in which he found himself observing the city from above: for the choice of the red of the backgrounds he was inspired by the color of the roofs of the other buildings around him. He then added some botanical elements as a tribute to the urban garden present on the roof, but he started all the leaves from the bottom, as it happens during flowering season.

He made a wall bloom like flowers bloom around him.

So his suggestive choice was to create a visual blossoming in continuity with the others natural and urban elements present in the neighborhood, by combining architecture and graphic in a poetic dialogue, well contextualized in the city area.

A special thanks for all the support goes to Le Fonderie Ozanam Restaurant, situated inside the buildings’ complex.

For those who would like to support next urban interventions at Casa Ozanam, you can contribute by grabbing a copy of the exclusive print of Giulio Vesprini on Missiontoart Online Shop

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